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Do Not Be Fooled

Don’t be fooled by that word count meter of mine; I did not write 6K in a day πŸ˜› Much of that was cut and pasted from a previous draft.

I’ve come to the realization that maybe, 80K isn’t going to be *quite* enough for this book. I’m nearing the halfway point and I’m no where near the halfway point of the novel. I’d say that’ll be around the 50K mark. So more like 100K is looking more reasonable, for this draft.

Also, I am realizing I am maybe dragging things out a little bit. I’m so not good at the pacing…methinks I am going to need to print this out after this draft and make a huge story map to see the bigger picture. And to see what all will need cut. It’s too hard for me to see it in Word–something about printing it off and writing it out on a whiteboard/using notecards on a cork board will make me visualize it better.

I also need to break myself of trying to edit as I go and just WRITE and stop trying to fit the puzzle pieces together at this point. I’ve wasted entirely too much time on this small section of three chapters. The editing will come along with the research…which is looming dangerously closer. And frightening me like a little girl scared of the monster under her bed. Only, this is the monster called “research.”

Also, why is it that my mind comes alive after 10 PM?

Le sigh.


Comments on: "Do Not Be Fooled" (7)

  1. Hey, Dara. Why is it my mind wakes up at 5 – whether my body is ready to or not?

    I’m impressed by the number of zeroes and the letter “k”, my dear. Since all I’ve got is one zero for either one of my current story lines, I raise my sake to you. ;D

  2. My mind does as well, that’s why I’m always so tired.

    My first draft was 100,000 words and I’ve now pared it down to 70,000.

    I’ve decided for my next draft to write bare bones and add on the edit, rather than write more and cut.

    • That’s so difficult for me, LOL. I’m so wordy, it’s hard to keep at bare bones.

      • That’s funny, it’s the opposite for me. I end up needing to add details because my first drafts are like skeletons. But I never write outlines, so maybe that’s why. πŸ˜›

  3. I have a similar problem. I ended up having to ditch so much of my WIP for the sake of pacing. I was letting too much downtime happen between events.
    Good luck with your revisions!

  4. I satisfy the editor in me by reading each chapter a few times when I’m finished. After that, I may make notes as to what needs to go in on the second go round.

    Hope everything comes together for you.

  5. I think it’s a great idea now to edit on your first draft and not to worry about page count and just get it all out. Better too long than too short because you can always chop afterward.

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