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Answer Time!

Time for answers! Not too many questions this time, but that’s OK πŸ™‚

C. Michael Fontes asks: What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants, etc?

I used to be one who outlined extensively. But then my story often had a mind of its own and I ended up coming up with something completely different than I outlined. Now I just type up general summary of major story points before I start and then go from there. Sometimes I’ll work out subplots by doing brief summaries of them too. So I guess I land somewhere in between outlining and going with the flow–it’s a mix of both, if that makes any sense.

K@ asks: What is the air speed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow? Or, since everyone knows the answer to that question, Which is scarier: zombies or non-wussified-Vampires? (I.e., not the Edward Cullens of the world.)

LOL, I don’t really know the first one…but to answer the second, I’d say zombies. Traditional vampires are scary, but there’s something about zombies that creeps me out more–probably because they tend to be much more brutal, you know, consuming brains and all. Plus they’re much more disgusting with all that rotting flesh–adds to the scary factor for me.

Jessica asks: Have you made any plans yet to visit Japan? *grin*

Does going to the Japan pavillion at Disney World count?Β  That’s the closest I’ll be getting to Japan anytime soon. I like to dream that I’ll be able to travel to the actual country in the next five years. But I doubt it’ll happen before I’m retirement age πŸ˜›

That’s all the questions this round. Have a great weekend everyone!


Comments on: "Answer Time!" (5)

  1. Makes total sense. I outlines for my first WIP, then found that I was changing my outline constantly once I started to write. Now, I have points in my head, and I know the characters, then I just write and see what happens!

  2. Hello Dara!

    I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of The Pendant!

    Can you email me with your address and I’ll have a copy sent out to you right away.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to enter! It’s always a privilege meeting a fellow author!

  3. Ooh, hopefully you’ll be able to visit Japan soon. It’s also one of my dreams to visit it before I’ve retired!

  4. To Sandy, Jessica, and of course, Dara: Japan is awesome. Come now. I have extra rooms.

    And Dara: I am saddened that you don’t recognize the swallow reference. Here is the answer:


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