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Blogging Absence

I know I haven’t posted much lately–sorry about that! I seem to be using all my creative energy working on Scarlet Daughter as well as editing things for my critique group and my beta partner. Plus it seems that post-Memorial Day, a.k.a. the unofficial start of summer, life has gotten busier. June is full of weddings; this weekend we drive a little more than two hours for one for Phil’s cousin and then in two weeks, we drive to Hilton Head, SC for another one. That’s going to be a busy weekend…

Blogging then for me may be sporadic at best, but I am still going to try and keep up on commenting on others. Also, will try and keep updated about my novel progress. So far, so good, although I am realizing with each passing day how much research I’m going to need to do to make this book even close to being a decent historical. I’m keeping a list of things I need to research and it grows every day.

That’s pretty much it on my end. What about you? Do you have a busy June ahead?


Comments on: "Blogging Absence" (2)

  1. Writing and family and friends are definitely more important than blogging — I hope you’ll get a lot of things done.

    My summer will be very busy with studying as well. But I do hope to have time for blogging/reading blogs as well.

  2. I gotta say again how much I admire those who write historical fiction. I like research, but not the amount it takes to write a historical novel. 🙂

    My time will be eaten up with editing mostly. I’m sure you’ll find time to get the important stuff done.

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