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Thanks to fellow blogger and writing friend, Mariah,  I was inspired to do a mini-series this week on the progression of my writing–from age four to well, now. I may even do a vlog on Friday of some of the funnier excerpts or stories. I was laughing so hard this weekend at some of the absurdity that I think I scared the dog. 😛

Anyway, to start this fun-tastic week off, I will go all the way back to my first few pieces. Let’s start from age four and my first story (or at least the first one I have record of) entitled “The Story of the Tulip”

This is the only page I wrote, because I was still so young I didn’t quite know how to spell many words just yet. But I have a wonderful Mom who ended up transcribing the entire story for me, while I did the illustrations.

This story is a whopping seven pages long. The two characters, Michael and Jessica, plant a tulip seed and water it, and it “grew and grew and grew” until it became a beautiful pink tulip (because honestly what other color is there when you’re a four year old little girl?). The End.

A year passes, I actually learn how to write and spell, and here’s my next attempt at a story, probably late kindergarten/early-mid first grade. It’s my “Crystal Trilogy.” It’s about a girl named Crystal who was walking along one day and found herself stuck in a bubble. The bubble popped, she fell, and a young man named Michael catches her. They fall in love, get married and have triplets. The End.

Book I “Crystal and Michael”:

Yes, this is a picture of my MC. In a bubble.

Book II: “Crystal and Michael Get Married”

Yes, they are standing by "the love tree" and the "the love pond"

Book III: “Crystal’s Triplets”

Total page count for the entire series: 12 .Yeah…quite comical. It’s funny how a six-year-old thinks.

And that’s how it all started, folks. 🙂

Comments on: "Blast from My Writing Past" (5)

  1. Oh, that’s so cute. 😀

  2. You are a MUCH braver woman than I! LOL

  3. I love this. Do a vlog! I love vlogs! Here is one of my first pieces of writing (I think I was six):

    Bruce the Moose

    Bruce the Moose
    Had a rubber goose
    Bruce the Moose
    Just loved Dr. Seuss
    One day Bruce’s Moose
    Got loose!

  4. Victoria–Thanks! I figure it’s over twenty years ago, so it doesn’t matter 🙂

    Meghan–That’s a cute poem!

    I also forgot to post last night…I had the entry ready and the pictures done and got sidetracked. I will post today though!

  5. Aw, this is adorable. I wish I had all my old stories/drawings. I throw everything out once it’s finished. Stupid, I know!! (Unfortunately, Mom’s the same way! She might have a couple of my oldies, though…)

    – Corra

    the victorian heroine

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