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I fully planned on publishing this yesterday but forgot to add the pictures…oops.

Anyway, today’s blast from the past comes from third and fourth grade. In school, we had to write stories for these little “anthologies”. In third grade, it was a tie-in lesson from the famous Ramona Quinby Age 8 book. All of ours were to be entitled our names with our age.

Mine was age 9 because I was one of those “early birthdays” being in November. Anyway, this book is autobiographical–I think that was the point of the project.

The following year we did the same sort of thing with the anthologies, only we had to come up with the stories and the title. Mine was “Fantasy, Fiction and More.” Never mind the fact that fantasy is a type of fiction 😛 I didn’t know this at ten years old.

One thing I vividly remember about this was that one kid at my group table tried to steal my story title. I had mine nearly done and I saw him sneaking peeks at my work and asked him what his story was called. He didn’t want to say. Finally another kid got him to share and it was my title, only “Fiction, Fantasy and More.” All the kids at the table said he blatantly copied mine and he had to come up with his own title 😛

Anyway, this one has a story about a girl who travels back in time (to the Revolution, the Civil War and then to the 1950s where her grandparents were dancing–random, I know) another one written in first person about a girl in a living through a hurricane (yeah, this was supposed to be suspenseful but really it’s just comical), and then a very poor attempt at a mystery Babysitters’ Club style. Also, there was a poem and a list of things to do when you’re bored.

And that was my attempt at writing when I was ten. Tomorrow–my first “novel”, written between age 10-12.


Comments on: "Blast from My Writing Past, Day 2" (2)

  1. How cute! I love the 1950s story. Can’t wait to read your first “novel”!

  2. What a great blog post idea! I love the ’50s story too. Good think the little table peeker didn’t see it. 😆

    – Corra

    the victorian heroine

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