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Time for a Change

I’ve had the last background forever. I wanted a new one but none of the other themes seemed to work for me. Then WordPress came up with this new one and I instantly knew it would be my blog’s theme. I think it really fits don’t you? 🙂

I may play around with some of it later but I’m really fond of it this now. Let me know what you think! And be honest–if you like the last one better I’d like to know too.


Comments on: "Time for a Change" (9)

  1. This one’s cool. I like it.

  2. I really like this. It’s pretty.

  3. It totally fits, love it.

  4. It seems to fit well and it’s not distracting. All good things. ;D

  5. …Somehow it makes me think of mushi. lol 😛 But I like it!

  6. This new background TOTALLY suits you!! I love it!

  7. Yeah. It totally fits. It’s so YOU. I love your photo stream too.

  8. It definitely fits. I almost used this one too, but I kept coming back to the one I currently have up. You just know when it fits. 🙂

    – Corra

    The Victorian Heroine

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