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The Joys of Flying

In a little while, I’ll be heading off on vacation and taking a plane to get to my destination–a necessary evil of traveling long distances.

I’m not a “seasoned” flyer by any means; the first time I went on a plane was for my honeymoon three years ago. I’ve flown only twice since then, to and from Disney World. Thankfully, it’s never a long flight, but sometimes it seems that way when you are crammed so tightly together and when you’re stuck between two strangers (a rather surly wife and her sudoku obsessed husband, who give you the evil eye while you are trying to talk to your own husband, who is seated behind you because of how the tickets ended up). Thankfully, some of the flights have had satellite radio and I can pass the time scanning through all the stations.

Still, all the radio stations in the world do not help me with my motion sickness.  I get motion sickness quite easily and landing is the worst, and as the planes drops altitude, so does my stomach. I often have to close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing to ignore it.

But there are also many other fun little things you have to encounter on the way to the plane. I found a comic that pokes fun at everything you have to deal with when flying:

Enjoy and remember that flying is only one small step of the journey 🙂

Comments on: "The Joys of Flying" (3)

  1. Just got back from a long flight (with kids!) two days ago. Thank goodness it’s just a small part! But there sure are some awesome moments involved with the flight. There’s just something about being above the clouds.

    • Very true. I like looking out the window…only most of the flights I’ve been on, I’ve sat in the middle seat and the person next to me closes their window to sleep 😛 Oh well. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time and I’ll get to view the clouds!

  2. Oh my, do I ever hate to fly. As a kid, I flew a handful of times & didn’t think a thing about it. But since I’ve been an adult, I can hardly stand it & I avoid it unless its absolutely necessary.

    So the first week of November, we’re flying to Calif to see two of my daughters in LA. Can’t wait to see ’em (why’d they have to move all the way out there anyway?), but I’m dreading the flight. The takeoff and landings are the worst. I’m just praying for smooth weather. We’ll see.

    Anyway I totally sympathize & understand. Hope you have fun & the flight goes quickly for you.

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