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More Titles!

Aren’t you excited? 😛 Anyway I came up with a few more–ones that I like better than the previous set.

These are in no particular order as I like them all about the same.

  1. Beyond the Dark Divide
  2. Imprisoned Hope
  3. The Edge of a Dream
  4. Dreaming of Destiny

The first one may not seem like it would fit, but I thought of all sorts of nifty symbolism for it, the divide being that which separates dream from reality as well as the “divide” or wall that keeps my MC physically imprisoned.

But I like the others too! Sigh. Well at least it varied beyond the whole “dream” title.

Comments on: "More Titles!" (4)

  1. I really like Beyond the Dark Divide. It gives off a mysterious/intriguing vibe. The Edge of a Dream is nice too.

  2. Beyond the Dark Divide is the best of the lot.

  3. Beyond the Dark Divide!!!

  4. Those are great titles, I’m so bad at thinking of great titles. And I agree with the Dark Divide.

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