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Better Than I Thought

So far, the Winter Writing Festival has helped me a great deal in getting my butt into gear (or into the chair, so to speak) and write again. I struggle with keeping focused–a LOT–and it’s something I’m trying to work on. There’s something about knowing there’s other writers participating in the same challenge that really keeps me motivated. I know, I know, if I want to make a career of this, I can’t be solely dependent on other writers to keep me going. Sure, they’ll be there to challenge me and keep me accountable and it’s always great to have a support group, but ultimately the actual writing is up to me.

Anyway, it’s nice to write again after one of those “slumps” (of which I have way too many…and need to push past that). It’s nice to lose myself in the story and let the words flow–even if the words aren’t all that good in the beginning–to see the story slowly come to life is a great feeling.

For this writing challenge, I started the novel I attempted to do during NaNo (and failed so miserably at, partially due to some morning/all day sickness and general exhaustion). I took it in a different direction and already it’s flowing better. I think part of the reason I failed at NaNo this past year was because I really didn’t have an outline to follow. I’m a plotter for the most part, although I don’t always follow my outlines specifically. But it helps to have an actual map to follow as compared to a few illegible and hard to understand directions equivalent to scribbling a few messy road directions on a the back of an old receipt šŸ˜›


Comments on: "Better Than I Thought" (3)

  1. I agree that having an outline is immensely helpful, even if you don’t follow it exactly. It’s natural for a story to take a new direction once you start writing it.

    Glad to hear the festival is going well for you! Happy writing ~

  2. Funny… I had the opposite problem. I was struggling with trying to follow an outline. I recently crumpled up the outline and the words are starting to flow again. It just goes to show that we all work in different ways.

  3. My outline tends to consist of knowing the end of the story. If I know the end, I can find a way to get there. As I just figured out thanks to Lynda Kang, I don’t have a clue what my current WIP’s end is and that’s why I’m going nowhere. Sigh. The good news is, my short story works great. LOL

    I wanted to let you know I’ve got a giveaway/contest going on this month on my blog. I’d love to see you come over! šŸ˜€

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