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1st Draft Doubt

I’m in the dreaded middle of my current WiP. The place where I inevitably lose steam and become frustrated with the story’s direction.

I need to push past it though. I need to stop looking for excuses and just write the darn thing. It’s a first draft–so it’s going to be bad–and I need to realize this already. I’m one of those who always struggles with unrealistic expectations for myself, especially when it comes to writing. I know a lot of writers do this but sometimes I let it stop me.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be stopped this time at all. Especially after my local critique group read the first chapter of the first draft and LOVED it. Like, I don’t remember a time I’ve ever had that much praise for something I’ve written, especially an unedited first draft! So why have I stopped?

Maybe because I’m scared. Scared that I’ll butcher what they saw. It’s that writer’s fear once again…and that dreaded middle that’s stopped me in my tracks.

I need to join up with my writing sprint buddies again. I need to leave the fear behind and conquer the middle. And to any other writer out there who is in the same spot–or close–we need to leave that inner editor locked away and turn off the voices telling us we’re no good. Or else how can we continue?

Here’s hoping I’m successful in this and that you are too! 🙂

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  1. I am sooooo there! I keep feeling that I am going to ruin a great story. Everyone in my group has liked what I have done thus far, and I fear that I am going to ruin it. I, too, am in the middle, and have been having issues. I find that I kind of have to pretend that I am confident (as opposed to BEING confident), and just write.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Priase from my criteque partners always make me nervous. Its hard to write when there are expectation to live up to.

  3. I wrote the first draft of my book, but changed direction half way through, so on my second time through I’m stuck in the middle as I try to write 3 chapters from scratch.

  4. I think we’re all there! But sometimes I just have to tell myself to stop procrastinating, write the stupid scene and get past it. And you know what? Once I get past the “stupid scene”, my writing starts to flow once again.

    However, I don’t think I’ll ever turn off the internal editor. I don’t think it even has a switch!

  5. My book from NaNo isn’t finished yet… I’ve been stuck forever. We just gotta get back in there!

  6. It’s so hard sometimes to keep going. You do have to try to stop caring about how ‘good’ it is and just keep writing, and that seems virtually impossible some days.

    What, by the way, is a writing sprint buddy?

  7. I really like your blog. It is good to read about other aspiring author’s experiences. Here’s to getting back on the right path!


  8. I’m right there with you. I think I need to push through instead of hoping for a miracle. 🙂

  9. You’re probably right about being scared. That’s what usually stops me. Push through though! You can do it! 🙂 If you’re not happy with where it’s going, change directions. The reader doesn’t know what you’d planned, only what they read. 🙂 It’s YOUR story and you can make it go however you want!
    Have fun, girl!

  10. The Writing Runner said:

    I never quite stop feeling like I’m going to mess up a good story. 😉

  11. […] 1st Draft Doubt ( […]

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