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Heavy Heart

My heart is breaking for Japan this morning. They were hit with a massive 8.9 magnitude quake off the coast of Sendai (northern Japan). It’s the biggest in the 140 years they’ve been keeping records. Much of the damage was caused by the 23-foot monster tsunami that hit the coast near Sendai.

From what I’ve read, trains, flights and most public transportation has been stopped–something that almost never happens in country dependent upon it. Millions of people are without power and thousands more have lost their homes along the coast. Unfortunately the death toll will be rising over the next few days and weeks 😦

Here’s a site I found that gives the truly heart stopping truth with pictures of the devastation. I’ve been crying on and off all morning…Japan is a nation that’s had my heart for awhile (if you haven’t noticed…). Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Comments on: "Heavy Heart" (3)

  1. its so sad. and for hawaii too 😦

  2. So far, the friends and family we know there that have reported in are fine, but we’re still waiting on a few…

    I hate feeling helpless, but we do have prayer, so that’s what I’m doing.

  3. Hi Dara- My heart is so heavy about this, too! So sad. I find it hard to pull up the internet because the pics are so haunting.

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