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First or Third Person?

NaNo starts in 5 days and I’m trying to decide which POV to go with…again. When I wrote this the first time, I couldn’t decide and kept alternating it depending on the chapter. I’d like it to be consistent this time. 🙂

I was leaning towards first person, since I’ve decided to only write from one character’s POV, but I’m hesitant. Traditionally, my first person writing well, sucks 😛 I know, I know practice makes perfect but I think I’m called more towards being a third person writer, at least now.

Then I thought, I could write first person for the bulk of the story and third person when my character becomes Yuki-onna. But that might get confusing and I’m not entirely sure I’m good enough to pull it off.

But it is NaNo and it’s the perfect time for experimentation right? I guess I just want to come away at the end of this one with something that has even just a shred of promise to it…maybe that’s why I’m stressing about it.

Ugh. 😛 This is supposed to be fun!

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  1. storymultiverse said:

    Greetings! I just stumbled across your blog and thought I’d say hello. As far as POV goes, I generally favor the limited third-person approach, and then have the character’s thoughts and opinions “leak” into the narration, so you can blend both first and third to some extent. I agree first is more difficult to write, partly because you really have to work even harder on limiting your character’s decisions to what he or she knows at any given time, rather than what YOU as the author know.

    Also, your character becomes the legendary Yuki-onna? As someone somewhat familiar with Japanese mythology, I am intrigued. Will there be other youkai appearances?

    • Not sure just yet! I know I’m going to have a kitsune and possibly some others depending on where the story takes me. 🙂 Also my character is the legendary Yuki-onna, very loosely based off the well-known myth retold by Lafcadio Hearn and some others. When I researched a few years ago, different regions had different stories about her. So I’ve made her a bit of a mix, but mostly drawing on the one from Hearn.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. How’s motherhood treating you.

    I’m doing Nano for the first time this year. I am in need of some serious motivation.

    I’d say first person. I contact to my MC way better in that POV.

  3. First person is fun! But I’ve never tried it for anything as long as a novel. Definitely something I want to work on someday, though. If you try it, and manage to pull it off, you’ll be one step ahead of me on that. 😛

    If everything that needs to be told can be told from the perspective of your MC, then first person is probably doable, even if you’re nervous about it. Of course, if you’re really, REALLY nervous about whether or not you can do it, sticking with third person might also be a good idea. Third person will probably help you get back into your NaNoWriMo groove…lol

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