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It’s So Close…

My first draft is *this close* to being finished.

I have about 9 chapters left. I know, that’s still sounds like a lot–and it is in some ways–but that’s the closest I’ve been to finishing a draft in years.

My writing sprints during the Winter Writing Festival are solely the cause of this. It’s just so much easier to write when I’m “sprinting” with others. I know I can’t always rely on that, but if that is how I get this draft done, so be it!

I’m fighting the urge to go back and edit. So much has changed throughout the course of the draft it’s going to be difficult to make it consistent. I’ve been doing my best to keep notes on it but I’m sure there’s something I’ll miss. Let me tell you, as much as I look forward to editing this thing, I’m dreading it equally.

And the world building. Oy, the world building. I have so much to do on that front I’m already overwhelmed thinking about it 😛 The curse of creating your own world from scratch I suppose.


Comments on: "It’s So Close…" (5)

  1. Fight the editor. Fight! Tie her to a chair if need be. You’ve made such good progress now!

  2. Keep going. You can edit when you’re done.

  3. I always struggle with wanting to go back and edit. Hope you finish soon!

  4. Yes, keep writing. At this point, the world building will be easier for having completed the story because the story will inform your building. But I agree, the world building is tough. I’m trying to give myself a frame to work within right now and it’s hard.

    • It’s overwhelming! Sometimes I wonder why I decided to make up this whole world to begin with. 😛 But it’s the story that wanted told so I’m a slave to it. LOL

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