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I want!

I’ve always longed to dress up in fashions of the past. Sure, I wouldn’t really have any place to where it, except my house and maybe a historical reenactment group if I could find one, but the desire will always be there.

Here’s a site I found with AWESOME dresses from the Regency era through the Roaring 20s.

And what better way to get into character than by dressing up? 🙂

The Joys of Flying

In a little while, I’ll be heading off on vacation and taking a plane to get to my destination–a necessary evil of traveling long distances.

I’m not a “seasoned” flyer by any means; the first time I went on a plane was for my honeymoon three years ago. I’ve flown only twice since then, to and from Disney World. Thankfully, it’s never a long flight, but sometimes it seems that way when you are crammed so tightly together and when you’re stuck between two strangers (a rather surly wife and her sudoku obsessed husband, who give you the evil eye while you are trying to talk to your own husband, who is seated behind you because of how the tickets ended up). Thankfully, some of the flights have had satellite radio and I can pass the time scanning through all the stations.

Still, all the radio stations in the world do not help me with my motion sickness.  I get motion sickness quite easily and landing is the worst, and as the planes drops altitude, so does my stomach. I often have to close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing to ignore it.

But there are also many other fun little things you have to encounter on the way to the plane. I found a comic that pokes fun at everything you have to deal with when flying:

Enjoy and remember that flying is only one small step of the journey 🙂

Meme Time

Got this from fellow writer Lynda Schab’s blog. Feel free to take this and put it on your own blog–with your own answers of course 🙂

A Writer’s Meme

What’s your favorite genre of writing? Historical fiction

How often do you get writer’s block? Too often. Probably every three or four chapters.

How do you fix it? Listening to music that reminds me of my book, watching the book trailer I made for it (gives me a little creative boost every time) and eating lots and lots of chocolate.

Do you type or write by hand? Type. Although I will write if the inspiration comes when I’m somewhere with no computer access. That’s why I always carry a notebook.

Do you save everything you write? YES.

Do you ever go back to an old idea long after you abandoned it? Definitely. I still plan on re-working the novel I wrote when I was twelve.
Do you have a constructive critic? Yes, my entire critique group as well as a few writer friends online who graciously read and critique my chapters.

Did you ever write a novel? Yes, at age 12, and working on another one now.

What genre would you love to write but haven’t? I’d love to write an epic fantasy although I don’t know if I’d be able to do all that worldbuilding.

What’s one genre you have never written, and probably never will? Mystery/suspense. For some reason my mind just can’t come up with good mystery ideas and my suspense scenes always feel fake.

How many writing projects are you working on right now? 1 mainly, although I do occassionally go back and add some ideas for two others that I have.

Do you write for a living? Do you want to? No, but I do freelance a little and I’d like to eventually write for a living. Or at least supplemental income 🙂

Have you ever written something for a magazine or newspaper? For a student newspaper back in college. No magazines yet.

Have you ever won an award for your writing? One a few years ago for FaithWriters Writing Challenge. It wasn’t an award exactly but it did get printed in an anthology.
Do you ever write based on your dreams? Not yet, but I do have one idea that I wrote down from a very vivid dream. Had another one the other night, but I couldn’t remember it long enough to write it down so that one is now lost to the dream eaters. 😛
Do you favor happy endings, sad endings, or cliff-hangers? I like happy endings best (probably why I’m going to be a member of RWA soon :)) although two of my favorite books have bittersweet endings.

Launch Celebration of Jeannie Lin’s Butterfly Swords

So, I’ve been looking forward to this book forever. I’ve been following my good writer friend Jeannie’s publication journey for awhile now and I’m incredibly excited that her book, Butterfly Swords, is coming out October 1.

Jeannie’s got a great giveaway going on her blog and I highly recommend you check it out!

Also, here’s her awesome book trailer. Enjoy!

Trailer Awesomeness

I am seriously thrilled beyond words for this:

November can’t come soon enough!

Penmanship Meme

A quick break from the little series I have for a fun meme! (Don’t worry I’ve got the post for my “novel” all set up 🙂 )

I think I may have been tagged by fellow blogger Corra McFeydon over at The Victorian Heroine for this fun little meme.

You actually have to use a pen and paper for this one and then scan (or take a picture of it if you don’t have a scanner) it to your blog. Here are the following items:

1. Name/Blog Name.
2. Right handed, left handed or both?
3. Favorite letters to write?
4. Least favorite letters to write?
5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics?
8. Tag 7 people.
9. Any special note or drawing?

Here’s mine. Probably somewhat hard to read since I don’t have the best penmanship.

I hope you all can read who I tagged. If not, here’s who I tag: Mariah, Caitlynn, Victoria Dixon, Sandy Shin, Patti, Jeannie and Meghan Ward. Yes, it’s hard to read–shows you how bad my handwriting is 😛

Answer Time!

Time for answers! Not too many questions this time, but that’s OK 🙂

C. Michael Fontes asks: What is your writing process? Do you outline, fly by the seat of your pants, etc?

I used to be one who outlined extensively. But then my story often had a mind of its own and I ended up coming up with something completely different than I outlined. Now I just type up general summary of major story points before I start and then go from there. Sometimes I’ll work out subplots by doing brief summaries of them too. So I guess I land somewhere in between outlining and going with the flow–it’s a mix of both, if that makes any sense.

K@ asks: What is the air speed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow? Or, since everyone knows the answer to that question, Which is scarier: zombies or non-wussified-Vampires? (I.e., not the Edward Cullens of the world.)

LOL, I don’t really know the first one…but to answer the second, I’d say zombies. Traditional vampires are scary, but there’s something about zombies that creeps me out more–probably because they tend to be much more brutal, you know, consuming brains and all. Plus they’re much more disgusting with all that rotting flesh–adds to the scary factor for me.

Jessica asks: Have you made any plans yet to visit Japan? *grin*

Does going to the Japan pavillion at Disney World count?  That’s the closest I’ll be getting to Japan anytime soon. I like to dream that I’ll be able to travel to the actual country in the next five years. But I doubt it’ll happen before I’m retirement age 😛

That’s all the questions this round. Have a great weekend everyone!

Q&A Time

I cannot think of anything very interesting to post, so I’m doing what many bloggers do and opening this up to question and answer time 🙂

Feel free to ask anything (as long as it’s not extremely personal). I will post the answers later this week. Assuming, of course, I get any questions 😛

Search Stories: Scarlet Daughter & Lady of the Snow

Have you heard of Search Stories? I just realized you could make them on  YouTube and of course, I had to make not just one but two, one for each WiP.

And of course, I can’t forget Lady of the Snow:

Reading Rainbow 2.0!

The awesome show of my childhood returns! That’s right–Reading Rainbow is supposedly coming back!

At least that’s what the former host, LeVar Burton, said here in this article.  

I’m so happy about this 🙂 Now when ever children of my own come along, I can share it with them and say it’s similar to the same show their mom watched when she was a kid.

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