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Just Because

I have to post something because I’m a little weirded out seeing my own face with its goofy grin staring back at me every time I come to my main page 😛

So how about a little dance music, just because.

Answer Time! Part I

Here’s my first vlog for the Q & A. It’s only part one, like I said in an earlier post from today, because it was like over 8 minutes before. 😛 I’m actually thinking it may have been better if I broke it up into three parts, around 2 minutes each. Oh well.

Anyway, I apologize ahead for the poor quality; my webcam and video capture rate isn’t the greatest, so the lip synching is off in a lot of spots.

I also say “um” about a hundred times. And I realize I mispronounced vlog 😛 Don’t ask me where my brain was.

Without further ado, the vlog:

I look like a goofball in this video still, but it was the best of the three…the other two I looked either dead or ticked off. 😛

Answers are coming!

So I jumped on the vlog wagon and made one. It ended up being way too long for just one post (close to 8 minutes). Here I thought it would be short but apparently I’m quite a talker :P.

I spent close to three hours editing the thing last night too because of my perfectionist nature. I promise I’ll post the first half after I get home from work. The second half still needs edited and I’ll post it Friday.

Friday Dance

In honor of it being Friday:

It may be old school but I love this song 😛

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