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NaNo Once Again!

It’s that time of year yet again! 🙂 It will be my fifth year. Hopefully I’ll win this year; last NaNo I only got to about 10K–the first time I’d lost. But I was so sick the whole month, what with morning sickness and all. I hope I can get to the goal this year–it’s the first time as a mom of an infant.

I’m being a rebel again–starting an old NaNo project from scratch. It’s the one I wrote two years ago, the one about the Yuki-onna, or snow woman. I’ve been trying to write a rough outline, because I’m just not one of those seat-of-your-pants writers, but having a hard time with it. If I don’t have something, my novel will make absolutely no sense. I think that’s what happened the first time I did this story–I only had an outline for a few chapters and after that it completely went to the wind 😛 We’ll see–I have less than two weeks. We’ll see!

Still Here–I Promise!

I know I keep disappearing off the blogosphere but I am still here! Promise 🙂 I’ve almost found a balance between mommyhood and writing. I was trying babysitting for a bit too but that didn’t work out–it was too much for me right now and I was too exhausted at the end of the day to do much of anything.

Trying to focus on my book again. It’s always hard to get back to it but I never forget about it. I still want to try my hand at some short stories too but it’s been very rough waters there 😛 The one idea I had for a short story is turning more into a novella, LOL.



What could be better than sitting at home and going to a writers’ conference–for free?

Check out WriteOnCon. A plethora of agents, editors and authors share their wisdom as well as answer questions and give advice on queries. And all you have to do is head on over and sign up on their website (did I mention it’s FREE?). And if you missed anything, it’s all posted so you can go back and read/watch vlogs.


Organization Time

Hopping back onto the writing boat has been difficult. But I started today by organizing some of my files for my two main WIPs. I had gone a bit “save” crazy and had like 8 copies of one draft 😛 But it’s all better now!

Now to decide which story to focus on again. I’m thinking the fantasy one since it’s the one currently going through critique group. I still haven’t forgotten about Scarlet Daughter–the story that’s been part of me for like five years–but I need to stop switching back and forth and just focus on one or I’ll never have a finished draft of anything.

I also wanted to try and work on some of the short story ideas I had. But one step at a time. 🙂

Time to Focus Again

It’s been a month into my “new” role as mommy and I think I may finally be finding a balance 😛 Plus, Tommy is having less grumpy moments and more happy awake time 🙂 He’s been smiling at me now and it’s so much fun to see that and see how much he’s changing.

Anyway, I haven’t focused on my writing since the early part of May and it’s about time I start again. If I don’t, I’ll never get back into it.  Plus I need to get back into blogging and reading everyone’s blogs.  So I hope to start getting back into the swing of things!

Officially a Mommy!

My son was born this past week 🙂 June 11th at 9:08 PM, weighing in at 8 lbs, 9 oz and measuring 20 1/4 inches long.

Ready for the birth story? Even if you aren’t, here it is anyway!

Contractions started sometime last Friday (6/10) but they didn’t get really painful–just strong and uncomfortable. I only got about an hour of sleep that night! The following morning they were strong enough to head over to the hospital just to get checked out. They measured the contractions and baby’s heart rate and my doctor was there already doing a c-section for someone else and he told me to stay. Good thing because the contractions started getting borderline painful about an hour later. I was about 5cm then and they gave me the epidural then.

Oh, the epidural…That was an experience 😛 Phil nearly passed out and had to sit down; I nearly passed out as well and threw up a bit. It worked most of the day…until the last stage. For some reason, the pain med wasn’t strong enough. They gave me two extra doses and it still didn’t help. By then the contractions were almost unbearable…I was crying through them wondering why the heck the epidural wasn’t working.

They were going to try and redo the epidural but by then I was progressing very quickly. The urge to push took over and that was pain beyond words! I wasn’t expecting to “go natural” but that’s essentially what happened. UGH.

The worst pain was near the end when he was crowning and what they call the “ring of fire” started. I won’t go into details–I think the description implies enough! My doctor almost didn’t make it to delivery too. He didn’t think it was progressing as fast as it was, especially considering I’m a first time mom. But from the time I started pushing until I gave birth was only 30 minutes,  which is almost unheard of in first timers (according to the nurses). Most women are pushing for a good hour or more if they haven’t had a baby before. But darn it, I wanted him out and it was thanks to God’s strength I was able to push through it so quickly!

Little Thomas’ weight was also a bit of a surprise because I’m quite small. The nurses were amazed he was that big and said I was all baby. again a surprise he was that big because I’m quite small. Anyway it’s definitely something to remember–and I am gonna make sure the epidural works next time. I am so not one who likes the natural way especially after experiencing it 😛

Just a few minutes old

Six days old, wearing his "muscles" shirt 🙂

I know it’s been like a month since I’ve posted. Time has gotten away from me, been super busy with preparing for the arrival of our first little one. June 16th is coming up quickly–although I’ll technically be full term (or 37 weeks) May 26th. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind him coming then–or even a little earlier. I’m ready to meet my little one and get my body back 😛

Anyway, how’s life with everyone? I’m trying to catch up on blogs but it’s been difficult 🙂


I’ve recently been delving into the backstories of some of my secondary characters for Beyond the Dark Divide. I’m finding out that it’s helping me develop the plot to my novel as all these stories interconnect to influence the novel events.

I’ve written summary backstories before for other novels and they’ve helped as well. But this time I think I may try and write a little bit of a narrative for some of them. I don’t want it to take away from my actual novel, but at the same time, who knows what I may find? There may be good short story potential in some of them. If not, well at least it’s helping me develop my world, right?

Have you written backstories for your secondary characters? If so, has it helped you discover something about your work-in-progress?

Baby Shower!

It’s been some time since I posted and this is non-writing related. But I wanted to post some pics from the wonderful baby shower my sister, mom and aunt threw for me this past weekend.

Some of the yummy cupcakes sis and Mom made

Homemade puzzles for the little one. Mom and Mom-in-Law drew these

Aunt gave me TONS of books for the little one. Yay for reading!

It was tons of fun and the games were a blast! I have two more showers still, both the same weekend (in three weeks) so it’s going to be a busy, busy time for me organizing all the baby stuff and writing out thank you cards. I will try to keep updating every so often and still keep up on reading and commenting on other blogs. That’s pretty much it. Hoping everyone is doing well!

Short Story Markets

So, I’ve been trying to work at writing a few short stories lately, just to help exercise those writing muscles. But I wanted to look up places where I could actually submit these stories, and I’ve found a few promising ones.

Most are fantasy/sci-fi related, but I’ve just started looking. Here are some of the few promising ones:–I heard of this one from one of my crit group friends, who had submitted something to them. It’s for speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, alternate history and anything that you think can fall into this). They accept up to 12k and will go over, but prefer that amount or slightly less. If accepted, they pay $.25 per word for the first 5K. They’re wait time though is 6-8 months and they do NOT want simultaneous submissions. So you’ll have to part with your short story baby and wait until you hear back from them 🙂 Considering you can make $2000 for a 10K word story if accepted, I can wait.

Glimmer Train–This is a rather well known literary magazine. They pay pretty well too but they have monthly themes you have to follow. For example, this month is “Family Matters” or Standard.  If you submit in the Standard category, there is no reading/submission fee but the amount they pay you is much less. Also, this is a literary magazine so you have to craft a “literary fiction” piece. I know I’d like to try my hand at this at some point.

Solander–This is the official magazine of the Historical Novel Society, so you know I had to post this 🙂 They pay $150 for accepted stories with a max of 5000 words. History has to play a major role in the story too and only two stories per year are published. Still, it’s something I’d like to try for since I’m such a history nut 😛

These are just a few I’ve found–I’m planning on buying the Writer’s Market for 2011 to look up more. Are there any good short story markets, magazines or contests you’d like to suggest?

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