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Another New Writing Year

2012 already? Good grief, where does the time go? It’s true; every year goes by faster.

I never updated how I did with NaNo. I didn’t hit 50K–made it to about 30. But I’m not upset; that’s 30K more than I had. Also, my critique group helped me figure out some things within the last month so I have a clearer picture on where it’s going. I just haven’t worked on it yet.

It turned out, as every idea I’ve ever had, much more complicated than I thought. What was originally just going to be a romantic fantasy turned into something else entirely, with the romance being less important than I’d planned in the beginning.

Oh well, that’s how writing goes–it always morphs into something you never envisioned at the beginning.


I know it’s a few days late but I’ve surpassed the halfway point of NaNo. I believe I’m at about 28, 614 now; hopefully crossing 30K today.

Counting the words already written on this WiP before, I’m over 40K. I think this novel’s going to be around 70K, at least in the first draft. It will probably end up being somewhat longer after it’s all edited (assuming I get that far!) and do all the proper world building, etc.

Making up an entirely different world is so much harder than I imagined too. Trying to figure out the history, the religions of the world and the mechanics of what little magic exists here is beyond difficult. Maybe I should’ve stayed with historical fiction–then I could’ve just been up to my ears in cultural research instead. You know, something that already exists rather than making it up on my own.

So, props to fantasy writers today–you all are amazing. Of course, all writers are amazing but coming up with a new world? That takes some serious creative juice. I’m not quite sure I have what it takes but we’ll see. If not, I will always go back to historical, my beloved and recently neglected genre 🙂



First or Third Person?

NaNo starts in 5 days and I’m trying to decide which POV to go with…again. When I wrote this the first time, I couldn’t decide and kept alternating it depending on the chapter. I’d like it to be consistent this time. 🙂

I was leaning towards first person, since I’ve decided to only write from one character’s POV, but I’m hesitant. Traditionally, my first person writing well, sucks 😛 I know, I know practice makes perfect but I think I’m called more towards being a third person writer, at least now.

Then I thought, I could write first person for the bulk of the story and third person when my character becomes Yuki-onna. But that might get confusing and I’m not entirely sure I’m good enough to pull it off.

But it is NaNo and it’s the perfect time for experimentation right? I guess I just want to come away at the end of this one with something that has even just a shred of promise to it…maybe that’s why I’m stressing about it.

Ugh. 😛 This is supposed to be fun!

NaNo Once Again!

It’s that time of year yet again! 🙂 It will be my fifth year. Hopefully I’ll win this year; last NaNo I only got to about 10K–the first time I’d lost. But I was so sick the whole month, what with morning sickness and all. I hope I can get to the goal this year–it’s the first time as a mom of an infant.

I’m being a rebel again–starting an old NaNo project from scratch. It’s the one I wrote two years ago, the one about the Yuki-onna, or snow woman. I’ve been trying to write a rough outline, because I’m just not one of those seat-of-your-pants writers, but having a hard time with it. If I don’t have something, my novel will make absolutely no sense. I think that’s what happened the first time I did this story–I only had an outline for a few chapters and after that it completely went to the wind 😛 We’ll see–I have less than two weeks. We’ll see!

Still Here–I Promise!

I know I keep disappearing off the blogosphere but I am still here! Promise 🙂 I’ve almost found a balance between mommyhood and writing. I was trying babysitting for a bit too but that didn’t work out–it was too much for me right now and I was too exhausted at the end of the day to do much of anything.

Trying to focus on my book again. It’s always hard to get back to it but I never forget about it. I still want to try my hand at some short stories too but it’s been very rough waters there 😛 The one idea I had for a short story is turning more into a novella, LOL.



What could be better than sitting at home and going to a writers’ conference–for free?

Check out WriteOnCon. A plethora of agents, editors and authors share their wisdom as well as answer questions and give advice on queries. And all you have to do is head on over and sign up on their website (did I mention it’s FREE?). And if you missed anything, it’s all posted so you can go back and read/watch vlogs.


Organization Time

Hopping back onto the writing boat has been difficult. But I started today by organizing some of my files for my two main WIPs. I had gone a bit “save” crazy and had like 8 copies of one draft 😛 But it’s all better now!

Now to decide which story to focus on again. I’m thinking the fantasy one since it’s the one currently going through critique group. I still haven’t forgotten about Scarlet Daughter–the story that’s been part of me for like five years–but I need to stop switching back and forth and just focus on one or I’ll never have a finished draft of anything.

I also wanted to try and work on some of the short story ideas I had. But one step at a time. 🙂

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