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We Got a Puppy!

We welcome today a new member of our family: a ten-week-old chow/shepherd mix puppy named Tato (short for what my husband calls him–Potato. I like Tato better :))

The best part of it is our 1 year old cat Sata seems to love him. She follows him everywhere and is always trying to get him to play. I’m very relieved for that.

We got him from the humane society; they were having a “Home for the Holidays” event at the mall and that’s where he was. He’s had a rough life; he was abandoned in a crate along with another dog when he was much smaller. But he simply loves to be held and loves people and other animals. He’s very laid back too–not wild at all!

It makes me laugh because Phil wanted a small dog–no bigger than 30 pounds–and he’s probably going to be easily between 40-60.

Now comes the fun weeks of house breaking him–he’s piddled a bit on the floor here and there and had one other accident, but that’s to be expected.

Edit: Here’s some pictures!

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