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Google Becoming “Big Brother”

I was watching the news tonight and they mentioned the new Google Latitude.

Basically, this program tracks your whereabouts via your cell phone. You enter your number in the site so your friends can see where you’re at.

Um, no thanks.

I don’t really want friends stalking me and seeing that I’m at the grocery store, the library,etc.Not any of their business.

I know there are privacy settings that can prevent your friends from seeing your location, but honestly, what’s the point of even signing up for it? 😛

One of the things on the site says something like this:
Fred wants to hang out with his friends, and checks to see where they are.

How about you just call or text them instead of being a stalker. 😛

Google is looking more and more like Big Brother, first with Google Earth (which is useful, but I still am uncomfortable when I type in my address and see a picture of my house show up) and now this. Apparently, there are many parents who are anxious to use this to track their teens. Which, in my opinion, destroys what trust you have with your child. I know it’s a dangerous world and everything–but it was just as scary when I was a teen. And what if the number gets into the wrong hands? I’m just waiting for stories of this to come up (i.e. psycho ex-boyfriends or girlfriends who use this as a stalking tool).

Seriously, aren’t Twitter and Facebook status updates enough?

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