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New header…again

I get a little bored every so often of my header picture.  I decided to take a picture of my own, and make it a little more closer to the title of the blog.

A keyboard and notepad–what better way to convey the “tales from the writing front”?

And yes, that is my desk…the pink thing you see is a folding fan I got some years ago as a prop for a Halloween costume. 😛

I’m not that great of photographer, but it’s easier than finding a photo and trying to figure out if I have the rights to use it. At least I know I own this one!

A Little Change

Let me know what you think of my new header! I’ve wanted to change it for awhile now and finally found a good picture from the vacation to use.

Of course I like to see that my header is a little metaphor for the blog too. Since my blog is about the journey through writing and “everything that lies in between”, I though the picture of the bramble and fog would be good–the bramble showing it’s not easy and the fog showing well, the fog that makes your surroundings and journey ahead uncertain 😛

Does that make sense? I understand if it doesn’t; my mind is a bit of a jungle sometimes!

In time I may change the layout of the blog but for now, the header will be the only thing 🙂

Change Over Complete!

Here’s my new blog–the same format as the other only with a different URL and blog title.

Title Change and Eventual Blog Change

So I got a little bored with my website title and came up with this.  However I will probably change over to a new URL and I may do this in the next day or so, but everything will be transferred over; I’m even keeping the same layout, but I wanted to change the blog url to something more general than the title of my book. So, this is just a heads up to my loyal readers, since you’ll have to change the URL and re-add me to your list. I’ll put the new link up when everything is transferred over.

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