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Other Creative Pursuits

I know many other prospective novelists have other creative pursuits besides writing. Some draw, others are musicians and others are photographers. Me? I like working on book trailers 🙂 I’m not that talented at it, but I find it helps me find more inspiration with my writing. I probably also shouldn’t spend hours on end with it, but if it gives me a renewed perspective with my book, why not?

If you’re a writer, do you pursue other creative outlets? I’m curious 🙂

Mock Book Trailer–Limited Time Only!

I’ve really wanted others to see this but couldn’t figure out a way to email it or post it privately with password protection.

So, I’ve made it “public” on YouTube. It won’t stay this way for long since I don’t know about the whole “copyright” thing. Hence the LIMITED TIME ONLY. I’ll post it here, but it will only be viewable for maybe a day or two before I make it private again 🙂 Remember, it’s a mock trailer–most of my book hasn’t even been written yet! So this is just for fun.

Without further ado, here is my beloved mock book trailer 🙂

Music is from an anime called Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (say that three times fast!); much of the images come from incredibly talented artists on DeviantArt, many from the talented photographer Zemotion. (Be aware that some of her pictures can be a bit um, risque :P)  Anyway, enjoy for the time being 🙂

“Mock” Book Trailers

I spent the majority of Friday night, from about 7 p.m. to midnight, working on a “mock” book trailer for Lady of the Snow. Then I spent a few hours the following afternoon polishing it.

Why? I have my sister to thank for it 😛

She started making little trailers for all her possible book ideas so it could help her decide which one to work on for NaNo come November. (She’s one of those who are blessed with a million ideas to choose from, :P)

After watching them, it made me want to make one for my novel. Of course, it took me twice the amount of time to make one as it did for her to make four of them, but that’s because I’m slow and picky. It shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did, but I’m pretty happy with the end result.

I think it took me so long because I had to find specific pictures for my book; it’s difficult finding suitable pictures of the Yuki-onna.

Unfortunately I can’t make it “public” because I don’t own any of the pictures or music. But I have it for my own personal entertainment as well as being able to share it with a few others.

Anyway, have you ever made a “mock” book trailer for your story? If anything, I suggest taking a little time to make one–it really helps the creative process along as well as giving yourself a little diversion 🙂

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