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I still haven’t finished editing my chapter for critique. I’m up again a week from this coming Thursday and we’re supposed to have our stuff posted two weeks ahead of time. I’d completely forgotten that I was up in two weeks, mainly because we’ve had to cancel a few of our sessions due to winter weather and I got thrown off track. I fully planned on finishing this weekend (I completely re-wrote the first half of the chapter on Friday) but it was so busy…Saturday was the Cornhole Tournament at church and I had to make the hot dogs for lunch, then my parents and aunt came to visit (along with their massive 74 pound black lab, Jack), so Saturday was pretty much out.

Sunday morning was church, then in the afternoon, Phil’s cousins came over (they generally come over every Sunday afternoon), one to go and play WoW with Phil, the other to play Animal Crossing on the Wii (she’s only ten).  I tried to do a bit of writing then, but maybe got a paragraph done.

I was going to do the rest of it today during some of the slow times at work, BUT I realized I left my jump drive in my other purse (because you know, I’m always switching purses…and sometimes I forget to transfer everything over).

Who knows if I’ll get to it today; there’s laundry waiting to be put away at home and tonight is another dog training session.

I’ll have to try, though I’m thinking it’ll probably be tomorrow when it’s finished.

Oops. 😛

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