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The Keyboard Soon to Become Scarce?

I found this article to be of interest. It seems that there is some speculation that in less than five years, keyboards will be scarce, and that in the next ten years the primary Internet connection will be cell phones.

Can you imagine having to dictate your entire novel? I can’t. I know some people who can do that, but I don’t work that way. My thoughts don’t flow as well when I’m talking out loud (ask my friends and family–I tend to stumble through my words). But when I’m writing or typing, it comes easier. So, if this is the wave of the future, I’ll be taking a backwards step and go back to the “old-fashioned” way of handwriting everything before I dictate it into a computer. 😛

I’m also trying to picture the cell phone being the primary way to access the Internet. Talk about an increase in people needing reading glasses if they are going to spend hours staring at a tiny cell screen. I can also see that there will be more cell phone related car accidents with people browsing the Internet while driving.

Of course this is all speculation–and you know how that generally works–so it’s more likely that such things would not happen in the time span they are predicting. Anyway, I just thought the article was interesting and made me think. I certainly have discovered that I’m becoming more old-fashioned and set in my ways as I get a little older…even though I’m still very young 🙂

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