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Chrysanthemum Promise: Work in Progress

I’ve set up this blog to detail my progress through my novel, Chrysanthemum Promise. I’ll post pages detailing a summary, setting up research, rough chapter outlines, and character bios, as well as how I am progressing (or not progressing) each day. It’ll be interesting to see how much will change over time, as this is still fairly rough and only the first draft that I am working through. My goal through this blog is to help me stay accountable and keep writing or at least actively working on this every day until it gets published–for it WILL get published someday, whether that’s next year or when I’m 50 (which is 26 years away for me).

Thanks for following me on this journey. I’ll be updating more tomorrow; right now I’ve posted a brief summary page, tomorrow I’ll try and post a bit more detail on what the book is about or something along those lines.

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