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Merry Christmas! And Other Things

First off, wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I’m heading up to my parents’ house for the holiday, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to write while there. Of course, I haven’t been writing much on here lately…apologies for that. I don’t have much going on in my life right now that’s blog worthy.

I do hope to get back to at least a semi-normal blog pattern come 2011. I need to pick up my writing again too–that’s kind of fallen away for the time being but I do hope to get back up and start again. If I don’t this book will always remain unfinished…plus like everyone (family, friends and co-workers) keep asking me when it’s going to be done, so I can’t keep coming up with excuses forever!

EDIT: Just found this wonderful contest over at the The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog.  They’re having a Winter Writing Festival, which will sort of be like a mini-NaNo, only YOU set the goal. You get a point each day if you reached your goal, whatever that is. It’s starts on January 10th and they’re going to setup a sister site for participants to share and talk about their writing goals. This is what I needed. 🙂

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and I hope to be back again blogging come 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Excuses are DONE

It’s sad to admit, but I really haven’t written much since the end of NaNo. All because of laziness.

One of my fellow crit group members has been actively writing 1200 words a day since then–and I’ve been a bum.

No more. After reading this post by agent Rachelle Gardner, I’ve gotten a kick in the pants. There’s only so much time we’ve been given on this earth and I’m squandering it by being lazy. There are really no excuses for me–I don’t have a little kids who need me; I don’t have that many social obligations–even with the holiday season–so why do I keep putting it off?

It’s humbling to read that post of Rachelle’s and then see how I really am just going about the motions of everyday life…

My goal now–write at least 1000 words a day until the first draft is done. Excuses are DONE.

Excuses, Excuses

I realize it’s been too long since I’ve blogged. Unfortunately work has zapped all strength from me this past week. It’s been non-stop busy and generally I’m too tired at the end of the day to want to do anything that requires thinking (or more time in front of the computer).

However I pushed myself today, realizing such habits would NOT do me well during NaNo. So I continued on with my chapter summaries, hoping that I may actually finish them by Friday at midnight and the start of November. Not sure if I’ll make it, but if I don’t I’ll just do my best to write without them–who knows, that may actually end up being better for me.

Anyway, I still promise to keep the blogging up, if not for a daily update on word count and some story progression–that’s what I planned on doing over a month ago when I devoted myself to being a consistent blogger 🙂 And there will be NO EXCUSES to avoid it 🙂

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