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I’m Still Here, I Promise

I know it’s been like a month since I’ve posted. Time has gotten away from me, been super busy with preparing for the arrival of our first little one. June 16th is coming up quickly–although I’ll technically be full term (or 37 weeks) May 26th. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind him coming then–or even a little earlier. I’m ready to meet my little one and get my body back πŸ˜›

Anyway, how’s life with everyone? I’m trying to catch up on blogs but it’s been difficult πŸ™‚

Christmas, A Wedding and Getting Sick

This post is really just an incoherent mess, but much of the last week was really busy and I’m still trying to get my thoughts straight.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were nice–my parents-in-law and my husband surprised me with a mini laptop.

This one, in beautiful ruby red,Β to be specific:

I now know why hubby asked the question weeks ago: “Which color do you like: red, black, white or blue?”

The sweetest part of this was he spent hours cleaning off the software it came with and installing Windows, as well as spending a great deal of time meticulously searching for backgrounds that would be nice on the computer πŸ™‚ AND he sacrificed his Christmas present from his parents in order to get this for me.

Because of that sacrifice his parents in turn surprised him with an amazing office chair. The look on his face when they pushed that box out of the back room and said it was for him was priceless.

Anyway, Christmas came and went with his extended family (I get to see my parents and sister this Saturday, hopefully) and then we prepared for my 19-year-old sis-in-law’s wedding on Sunday. It went well, especially considering it was planned in six weeks! It was a nice time and hopefully she and hubby had fun on their mini-honeymoon.

Unfortunately, from about 4 am Sunday night until, well…now, I’ve been sick and recovering from a nasty stomach bug. I paid homage to the Porcelain King running to the “throne” room emptying the contents of my stomach every ten minutes for about 3 hours. Ah, yes Monday morning was pleasant. It’s been two years since the last time I threw up and I’m one of those who will fight it with every last breath because of how violently it affects me. I was unable to fight it this time 😦 A number of our family members caught it too–both my parents-in-law, one of Phil’s uncles, his cousin and his aunt. Someone at the wedding probably had it (thinking his one cousin) and passed it from there.

Anyway, Phil stayed home from work to take care of me (what a great hubby! :)) and I tossed and turned on the couch all day with a steadily rising fever–I think it hit around 103 near 10 that evening–the highest fever I’ve had probably in the last ten years. Yesterday I spent recooperating and trying to eat, although I only managed to eat a few handfuls of dry Cheerios and some applesauce. I had a small bowl of cereal this morning, which still isn’t settling the greatest, but meh, at least I’m able to keep it down.

This is why I loathe getting sick like this–it takes me forever to recover and be able to eat normally again. Oh well; at least I only ever get sick like this every 2-4 years or more.

However, it’s definitely looking like I won’t hit my goal on Jan. 1st. Stupid illness. But I am trying to play catch up today as much as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish all of my readers (from the U.S.) a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time with your loved ones! Or, be grateful it only comes once a year, depending on your family πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’ll be heading up to Cleveland to visit my family–it’s been a few months since I’ve been up there and even longer since I’ve seen the rest of the extended family. Looking forward to a three hour drive…

Β At least hubby and I will get to listen to the fourth book of Harry Potter; those books have become our “traveling” tradition lately πŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m much feeling much better from the movie fiasco of Friday night. I realized that it wasn’t my fault, as I was unable to find much (if any) indication of the graphic nature of the movie online (I knew of the violence factor but definitely did not expect the explicit sexuality in the movie). It’s done and in the past; lesson’s been learned, hopefully.

Anyway, random transition time. I got to see my parents and sister on Saturday. They came down just for the day. It went by too quick, as it always does. I wish we weren’t three hours apart, but it could be much more, so I’m blessed that they are within a drive at least.

Phil is going on a business trip from Wednesday through Saturday; his flight is scheduled back around noon on Saturday. He’s heading out to Virginia. I can’t help by find myself a little envious with his job sending him on trips. The last trip he went on was back in November for nearly two weeks to Seattle. I’ve always wanted to travel; alas, being a real estate secretary does not offer much in that aspect (except to drive to meetings occassionally…). I keep wanting to save money forΒ  travel, to anywhere really, but that never happens. Oh well…

Argh. My silly work phone is acting buggy. I can’t access the voicemail and I have like 20 messages from over the weekend. I already alerted someone but I’ve gotten no response. Talk about frustrating.

Well that’s about it for this random entry.

Breaking Addictions and Learning to Focus!

There wasn’t much to write about while I was gone for Christmas. I was fairly busy between family gatherings, visiting my grandma at the nursing home, going shopping with friends the day after Christmas (talk about crazy!)…and playing Animal Crossing on the Wii obsessively. πŸ˜›

Now it’s back to life and work (oh joy!). I doubt I’ll hit my goal of finishing the novel by the first of the year, but it should be done soon after. At least, I’m hoping for it and trying to work towards it. I think I need to force myself to make time to write because I am the queen of excuses and procrastination. But NO MORE.

I realize that the motivation factor and the tendency to procrastinate will be ridiculously hard to change–it’ll probably always be something I struggle with–but it would be nice if I could change it just a small bit–especially when it relates to my writing. If I keep procrastinating and making excuses, I’ll be 65 and a grandma with a book still not finished.

I also have to break my addiction to Animal Crossing πŸ˜› I know the game is geared towards children under 12, but it’s just so fun and cute I can’t help myself. And I’m not one for the types of games my husband plays…(Fallout 3, Resident Evil, all those shooting type games that require a level of coordination that I will never be able to reach). So, that has to happen for me to do anything productive. Meaning housework, practicing violin. house-breaking the puppy and of course, writing.

I suppose I have my work cut out for me over the coming weeks and months…

We Got a Puppy!

We welcome today a new member of our family: a ten-week-old chow/shepherd mix puppy named Tato (short for what my husband calls him–Potato. I like Tato better :))

The best part of it is our 1 year old cat Sata seems to love him. She follows him everywhere and is always trying to get him to play. I’m very relieved for that.

We got him from the humane society; they were having a “Home for the Holidays” event at the mall and that’s where he was. He’s had a rough life; he was abandoned in a crate along with another dog when he was much smaller. But he simply loves to be held and loves people and other animals. He’s very laid back too–not wild at all!

It makes me laugh because Phil wanted a small dog–no bigger than 30 pounds–and he’s probably going to be easily between 40-60.

Now comes the fun weeks of house breaking him–he’s piddled a bit on the floor here and there and had one other accident, but that’s to be expected.

Edit: Here’s some pictures!

An Interlude on Life in General

So this past weekend was a bit on the hectic side–especially Sunday.

Saturday was my husband’s company’s annual Christmas party. There’s over 2000 people that work in his branch, so it was rather crowded–so much so that there really wasn’t a place to sit and eat until the band started playing at 9. Thankfully we’d gotten there around 8:30 so we didn’t have to wait too long–we’ve decided next year we’re coming after 9 πŸ˜›

It went well; didn’t leave until after 1 in the morning–mainly because we carpooled and the couple that drove with us wasn’t ready to leave yet. We got home around 2 or so and crashed into bed.

Not an hour later I awake to hear my poor hubby puking his guts out 😦 I felt awful for him…he was up all night running to the bathroom, and I by extension was up with him, as I was worried about him the whole time. So, I didn’t get out of bed until after noon that Sunday. Poor hubby was in bed all day up until 4 then he managed to migrate to the couch and play a little XBox. I made him drink some too because I didn’t want him to dehydrate. I ended up going to church that night, despite my misgivings, because he assured me he’d be fine (which he was).

I’m coming home from church around 7:30 or so and as I’m turning on the green arrow, I literally am missed being hit by a mere few inches. I was too in shock to hit the horn or do anything really–God had certainly prevented that from occuring because had the man who ran the red light hit me, it would have hit at an angle that would have sent me spinning and the car behind me would have hit me. Needless to say, I spent most of the drive home crying and shaking at such a close call.

Thankfully I came home and found Phil asleep again. He woke up shortly after 8 and managed to eat a handful of Wheat Thins. I wish I could say the rest of the evening went smoothly, but talking to my mom, I felt depressed on things. Everyone’s thinking Grandma may depart this life after the holidays; then I discovered my other Grandma–the one I haven’t seen since I was 12 and the one who lives in hilly Tennessee–never knew I was married–even though this happened over a year ago and my father’s family that did come promised they would tell her–and apparently didn’t. So all of those family issues to deal with.

And one other thing, which isn’t really major but really just the cherry on top of a grand Sunday–I discover that my cousin, who’s still in college and now working at Sam’s Club (a superstore in case some readers don’t know what that is) makes nearly $.50 more an hour than I do.


It seems I would do better working in a store or at a fast food place than being a real estate secretary. And makes me wonder yet again if my four years of higher education really were worth it.

One good thing that happened the past few days–my hubby’s cousin had her first baby, a little girl named Madalyn Edith, on Friday night. She’s got the darkest and fullest head of hair I’ve seen on a baby!

Sigh. That was longer than I’d thought πŸ˜›

I think I need to spend some major time tonight escaping this world and delving into that of my book–1890s Japan here I come!

Goodbye, dear Bailey

My parents had to put their dog Bailey (and my dog too…) to sleep 😦 She was nine years old. I remember getting her as a 6 month old puppy at the pound when I was a freshman in high school.

The last time I saw her was on Labor Day….

Not sure what killed her exactly–she’s been having issues the past few weeks (even when I went up last month) with her left side and coordination. They think it might have been some sort of spinal abscess or tumor.

Mom called crying .She said Bailey was howling…and in the nine years we’ve had her, I never heard her howl. I guess I just feel really horrible for my mom….she’s been through so much the past six months, what with Grandma’s stroke and caring for her and visiting her daily at the nursing home, to Bailey getting sick so suddenly and dying like this….

I can’t lie; I’m pretty much a basket case right now 😦 I think it’s the combination of never seeing her again and the pain my mom’s going through….and the fact that my sister’s at school four hours away, wishing that she could be at home around family.

Phil and I were going up to see them this weekend; I was so looking forward to seeing Bailey. Now I won’t see her again…:( I really wish I could’ve been there, at least to help my parents…Sorry for such a depressing post but I had to get it out.


Bailey at age 7.

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