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Halfway to Halfway

Last night I passed 25% being complete with my WiP. πŸ™‚

Considering I only had like 4% done for numerous weeks, this is very exciting.

Technically, my Fast Drafting ends next Monday, but I’m going to keep going until this is done. I think I’d be going a lot slower if I had to do all of this from scratch, but thankfully I’ve done a few other drafts and there are some scenes that are still part of the story. Of course every chapter has something new added to it, especially since I added the arranged marriage scenario. I’m still debating whether or not to put in a second POV (Ryuji’s); currently it’s just Naomi’s. It’s her story but I think I may be able to weave some of his in too…still undecided about that though.

So, do you have any exciting writing updates to share? Even a few hundred words of writing or editing is an accomplishment. πŸ™‚

Fast Draft: Day 4

Ok, so I partially cheated today πŸ˜› 3147 words but most of it was recycled from an old draft. I made some changes in it–still need to make a lotΒ more, especially as they approach the village (the scene is entirely too abrupt). I’d like to make a little more interaction between Naomi and Ryuji in this chapter–not as hostile as it’s been in the last few–as well as maybe mentioning the threat that made her leave to begin with.

Β Right now though, the main “threat” is her obviously different appearance in clothing, character and looks from everyone else–and the fact that her new family is about to find out she’s really not been trained at all at being a Japanese wife. πŸ˜› You know, the whole “man vs. society” thing.

Next section should be fun!

Fast Draft: Day 3

The words didn’t come as easily today, but I still managed 2K (2505 to be exact). This section is gonna need A LOT of work. Not even sure how much of it may be historically accurate (lots of research needed!) but I also know I don’t need to be 100%–it is fiction you know πŸ˜› I mean even my premise is highly unlikely–I’m pretty sure there weren’t half American/half Japanese daughters of business tycoons being used as pawns by the ultranationalist terrorist groups, but that’s why it’s fiction. I can make up what I think might have happened.

Just like tonight’s scene.

Curious? Well, let’s just say Naomi is now “married” although less than enthusiastic about it.

Fast Draft: Day 2

Today’s section was much easier to write than yesterday. I wrote about 3100 words today–all new words–so my mind is about the consistency of mashed potatoes right now.

Still, today’s section was oh so fun to write. Naomi found out that not only does she have to go by a completely different name, but she’s to be married (in a trial marriage, as a guise for her protection). The end of the chapter she found out her intended was none other than Ryuji–the man that has made every moment a literal hell for her.

Good. Times. πŸ˜›

Putting my characters through such strife is fun. Or perhaps I’ve just grown a bit tyrannical with this chapter. :insert maniacal laughter here:

And with that, I am off to relax and prepare for the premiere of Glee tonight.

Fast Draft: Day 1

I managed a little over 4K today for Scarlet Daughter. Yes I am surprised at myself. Part of that though was some stuff from a previous draft that I put in (with some editing), so I probably ended up doing about 2800K or so of new stuff. Still, it’s nice to see my word count bar past the 8K mark!

Here’s hoping for such progress tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Fast Draft: I Just May Lose My Sanity

I have found that I am the most productive writing-wise during NaNo. Not sure why–probably because there’s an external goal I have to reach and a deadline, set by a source other than myself. I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo three times and each time I’ve reached my goal of 50K over the month.

And then November ends I have a difficult time keeping that same level of productivity–or any productivity.

Well, today, I read my good friend Jeannie Lin’s blog (like I do everyday :)) She posted about Fast Draft. Essentially, it’s completing a novel in half the time of NaNo. Each writer sets a goal for the amount of words per day they will write. Fast Draft recommends 5000, although I don’t think I’m quite capable of that many as my brain shuts down right around the 2500-3000 mark. So, I’m going to set the goal for myself to be in that range–preferably 3K each day.

I am going to start on Monday, April 12th, and go two weeks from there to Monday, April 26th. I am desperately hoping I’ll be close to the end of this draft.

During this time, I probably won’t post much except I will try to put a daily update so you know if you should get on my case or not πŸ˜› I will try and keep up with everyone’s blogs, although my evenings are going to be taken up with writing (as that’s the best time for me).

If you are curious about Fast Draft, check out this simple article about it. And if you want to participate, great! The more the merrier!

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