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Balancing Act

Apologies for the lack of posts again; I’ve been so busy working on my freelance writing that I tend to forget about my blog and all the other blogs I follow.

It’s a little tricky balancing my writing time between the articles and my novel. I haven’t really accomplished that yet…I’ve been so focused on the freelance writing that I haven’t given much thought to my poor, neglected novel. Anyway, I’ve been given an ultimatum to finish the novel by the end of the year, if not by the end of the summer. So I guess that means I need to figure out this balancing act soon. 😛

I’m A Paid Writer Now!

I’m officially a paid writer. 🙂 I do some freelance writing for Demand Studios now. The articles can be completely random; you choose from a list of thousands that they provide. They’re mostly questions that you see posed and answered on sites like eHow. My first paid article was about a Romanian folk dance called the alunelul.  Utterly random, but still a great deal of fun to research and write.

I’m finishing some edits on another about Japanese flowers and then I have to start writing one about the history of paper quilling. Though it doesn’t pay a lot, it’s a little extra spending money, which is always nice. Plus I can officially put it on my resume that I’m a freelance writer, which is a good thing too.

Thanks to my sister, who showed me the site!

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