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Overactive Imagination

You know, I once said that I never get story ideas from dreams. I hardly ever remember my dreams and if I do, they generally make no sense at all.

Last night was an exception. 😛

I had a very clear dream–one that even continued after I woke up and fell back asleep again (which NEVER happens). It was another historical based story, but this one was actually based in the States–I’m assuming so anyway since everyone was speaking English and acting “American.” I know it was set in the frontier times, probably very early though based off the clothing in the dream. I can distinctly see the main character–a woman in her late 20s/early 30s or so–and her younger, prettier and a little more shallow younger sister, who was probably 18 or so. There was also the main character’s love interest–a military captain of some sort (that’s all I can remember!). I sense a budding romance story…

Of course this one has to wait until Lady of the Snow is done. That’s my focus now 🙂

Still, I recorded what I could remember about the dream and added a little more ,like the setting–gonna make it where I live for once–the Ohio Valley region, sometime in the post Revolutionary War era and right around the time Ohio became a state, (1790s-1810ish) .  This one will be pure historical romance.

I’m betting that dream came from the fact hubby and I are going to the Fair at New Boston this weekend, which is an event where everyone dresses up in frontier clothing from the late 1700s and there’s all sorts of period-based booths, from weaving, to gunsmithing, to woodworking, to authentic food. I’ve never been but once I saw the ad on TV I knew I had to go! And I’m taking the camera!

So that probably had a lot to do with it. It’d be something if this dream actually turned to a full fledged novel idea in the future.

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