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Technically found this out last night but it wasn’t going to be announced until today so I decided to wait.

I won The Enchanted Inkpot’s One Year Anniversary Giveaway (Part I). Look at all the books I won! Two of which I am really dying to read (Brightly Woven and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon). But all of those books look fantastic!Funny thing is I just got Brightly Woven from the library yesterday–I guess I can go return it now that I’m getting it in the mail 🙂

There’s still a chance to win though–they are having a second part to their giveaway. Go and check it out 🙂

200th Post: Journey Through Time (Contest/Giveaway!)

So, it’s my 200th post! I guess I didn’t realize I was this far until well, now. And since I never celebrated the 100th post, this one will be extra special–complete with a little giveaway 🙂

It’s interesting to see how this blog has developed over the course of time. When I started it, I really had no intention of keeping it up 😛 But then I got drawn into the World of Blogging and the rest is history.

Anyway, in celebration, I’m going to giveaway a little “grab bag” of sorts to one lucky commenter, using a random number generator. The grab bag will consist most assuredly of some form of chocolate and candy AND I’ll be giving away a choice of one my favorite historical books, each from a distinctive time and place (click on the covers to see what each is about):

All you have to do is answer one question in the comments section. Are you ready?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, and in any time period, where and when would it be?

This is an especially hard question for me because I love history and choosing one time is hard. For me, it’s a tie between the first century A.D. in the Holy Land, where I’d see if I could hear Jesus preach, or early-mid Edo period Japan (sometime in the 1700s), where I could see traditional Japan, with the strict caste levels of society–from samurai to farmer, to artisan and merchant–it would be wonderful to see how each class lived.

Anyway, you all have until this Friday, the 11th, at 8PM Eastern Standard Time to answer in the comments below before I close them and choose a winner 🙂

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