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For the History Geek (And Anyone Else)

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m definitely a history geek. Any story in the news that even remotely resembles some sort of historical aspect instantly catches my attention.

Like this one:

Hidden Engraving in Lincoln Watch

I mean how awesome is that?! Something hidden away for almost 150 years, something that had become a near myth, finally confirmed to be true.

OK, geek moment over ๐Ÿ™‚ But check it out–it’s a pretty interesting story even if you aren’t as nerdy about history as I am.

Another Word Count Update from Yours Truly

Ok I’m beginning to run out of creative titles for these posts ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, today seemed easier to get the word count out. I managed to get 2,505 more words written, which surpasses my goal of 2K a day. Today I wrote a scene where Kaiyo finds out about her father’s roots (that he too is also illegitmate, just like she is, which of course doesn’t sit well with her). That was an interesting scene, though I need to punch it up a bit later on.

And the first time since I’ve started NaNo, I wrote a chapter from the antagonist’s POV. It ended up flowing even better than the earlier stuff I’d written today, probably partially due to the fact I involved myself in a 30 minute word war with my sister. Anyway, I’m especially excited about the scene because I’m actually using a real person from history to be a part of it. The man Kaemon, my antagonist, goes to see is Mitsuru Toyama, the leader of the Dark Ocean Society or the Genyosha.

What reallyย  makes me excited about it (I know, I’m a history geek) is that everything flows so well! He was known to have involvement with organized crime groups (like what Kaemon and Kanamoto, Kaiyo’s father, are a part of) and was seen as a very influential figure, as he was very ultranationalist. In fact, he was also implicated in the attempted assassination of the foreign minister Okuma Shigenobu in 1889. So of course I’m using that in my novel, as Kaemon’s gang/organization were the ones responsible for carrying it out (no one knows who actually threw the bomb, so this is where I get to really use my artistic license!).

So yeah…I get really pumped and excited when I find little tidbits of history that fall into place exactly where I need them to be ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok that’s it for today!

Official Word Count: 14,074

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