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Common Errors in the 1st Draft

writing-main_FullEvery first draft has common errors, like telling instead of showing, too many adverbs and adjectives, pacing issues, etc.

While we as writers know we must avoid these, I find that during NaNo, they are my constant companions 😛 Much of what I’ve written falls under the massive error of telling instead of showing–and I know it even as I’m writing it–but in order for me to get the story out, I don’t bother myself with sitting there and trying to word it correctly.

A mark of an amateur?Maybe, maybe not. At this point I don’t really care. I know I’m going to have to edit it, and I recognize where there are places of clarification/research/overall crafting that needs done. But I’ve shut the inner editor off, for the time being, and told myself NOT to concern myself with such issues. Sure, it’s taken until week three of NaNo to have finally silenced temporarily the inner editor, but it normally takes this long for me 😛

I’m hoping come December my inner editor doesn’t decide to pout and stay silent…

When you’re writing your first draft, are there any writing rules that you ignore–at least temporarily?

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