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Looking for Something Better

So yesterday I had a bit of an emotional break down over my job. It was one little email that did this, but it was an email that sent me over the edge. Basically, it’s the fact I’m really taken advantage of and hardly acknowledged at work (except when something goes wrong or someone is angry). And the email pretty much made me feel like I was five years old. Anyway, this was just the last of a number of things that just made me break down.

So now I’m looking in earnest for something better. I’m a bit worried about it all though since looking for a job in such a harsh economic climate is difficult (it’s difficult even in a good climate). It took me six months just to find the one I’m at. Still, I can’t let the job market deter me–I need to keep looking.

I am going to apply for one job I found on my local library’s website. We’ll see how it goes. It doesn’t hurt to try right? I’m also going to try for this editor job at another local company, though I probably don’t have the experience required.

Speaking of experience, I always find it interesting that nearly all the editorial assistant jobs I had looked at when I had graduated college wanted some years of experience. But where does one get that experience? I’ve heard internships, but is that the only way? And when your college doesn’t help you in the slightest to find one, how does one work around that?

I don’t think I’ll be going along that path any more, mainly because I didn’t get that internship while in college and also because I definitely don’t live in a publishing center (Dayton, Ohio isn’t exactly known for much but Wright Patterson AFB and some techinical related jobs). That and I chose to get married rather than go to a major city to follow the publishing career track.

I know that there are other cities that do have some publishing in them, but Dayton certainly isn’t one for them (at least not that I’ve been able to find). I then thought about maybe going down the library science track but that requires a Master’s and I’m in no way interested in going back to school. Also the only school in the area, or in the state really, that does offer a Library Science program is Kent State and I would have to take classes remotely (which they do offer). It was something I considered but I’m already in too much debt from the first four years of college–I don’t have any desire to add more on to that and then not even get a job in that area (because we know where the Bachelor’s in English got me–working as a secretary in real estate…:( )

Blech, this is a depressing entry! I didn’t mean for it to turn this way 😛 Anyway, perhaps I’ll find something in less than six months–maybe even the one library job I am applying for will pull through. One can hope!

An Interlude on Life in General

So this past weekend was a bit on the hectic side–especially Sunday.

Saturday was my husband’s company’s annual Christmas party. There’s over 2000 people that work in his branch, so it was rather crowded–so much so that there really wasn’t a place to sit and eat until the band started playing at 9. Thankfully we’d gotten there around 8:30 so we didn’t have to wait too long–we’ve decided next year we’re coming after 9 😛

It went well; didn’t leave until after 1 in the morning–mainly because we carpooled and the couple that drove with us wasn’t ready to leave yet. We got home around 2 or so and crashed into bed.

Not an hour later I awake to hear my poor hubby puking his guts out 😦 I felt awful for him…he was up all night running to the bathroom, and I by extension was up with him, as I was worried about him the whole time. So, I didn’t get out of bed until after noon that Sunday. Poor hubby was in bed all day up until 4 then he managed to migrate to the couch and play a little XBox. I made him drink some too because I didn’t want him to dehydrate. I ended up going to church that night, despite my misgivings, because he assured me he’d be fine (which he was).

I’m coming home from church around 7:30 or so and as I’m turning on the green arrow, I literally am missed being hit by a mere few inches. I was too in shock to hit the horn or do anything really–God had certainly prevented that from occuring because had the man who ran the red light hit me, it would have hit at an angle that would have sent me spinning and the car behind me would have hit me. Needless to say, I spent most of the drive home crying and shaking at such a close call.

Thankfully I came home and found Phil asleep again. He woke up shortly after 8 and managed to eat a handful of Wheat Thins. I wish I could say the rest of the evening went smoothly, but talking to my mom, I felt depressed on things. Everyone’s thinking Grandma may depart this life after the holidays; then I discovered my other Grandma–the one I haven’t seen since I was 12 and the one who lives in hilly Tennessee–never knew I was married–even though this happened over a year ago and my father’s family that did come promised they would tell her–and apparently didn’t. So all of those family issues to deal with.

And one other thing, which isn’t really major but really just the cherry on top of a grand Sunday–I discover that my cousin, who’s still in college and now working at Sam’s Club (a superstore in case some readers don’t know what that is) makes nearly $.50 more an hour than I do.


It seems I would do better working in a store or at a fast food place than being a real estate secretary. And makes me wonder yet again if my four years of higher education really were worth it.

One good thing that happened the past few days–my hubby’s cousin had her first baby, a little girl named Madalyn Edith, on Friday night. She’s got the darkest and fullest head of hair I’ve seen on a baby!

Sigh. That was longer than I’d thought 😛

I think I need to spend some major time tonight escaping this world and delving into that of my book–1890s Japan here I come!

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