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Library Changes…

A bit of a rant here. I just found out my local library eliminated their online interlibrary loan service–which is how I got about 75% of my research books for my novel.

All of this is obviously due to budget shortfalls, but it still stinks. I have to go the traditional route now, which is a bit of a process as I have to go to the library and pay .50 to initiate it. But I suppose it’s better than nothing…although I’ve been spoiled by the previous system.

I wish I could just buy these books instead of renewing them five times, taking them back to the library, then re-checking them out again. However, I cannot afford to get most of them for my own library; I’ve wanted to, but because many of them are out of print and limited availability, they often go for a ridiculous sum of money–like a couple hundred dollars–and no research book  is worth that.

However, I have found out that the county over still has their free interlibrary loan service–for the time being–and since I live close to the county line anyway, I guess I’ll be frequenting that library more often–even though it’s a little out of the way. Better than nothing, I suppose. And I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m sure many other writers have a harder time getting research materials too, depending on where they live. I guess I’m a bit spoiled 😛

Still…it figures this has to happen just when I’m about to get into the massive researching phase of my writing process too. 😛

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