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World Building

So, I’m facing a new challenge this NaNo season. As I’ve only ever written historical, or historical fantasy set in this world, I’ve never had to envision a completely different earth. Until now ­čśŤ

My NaNo project for this year is essentially set on a place similar to Earth, since I’m pretty much borrowing aspects of different cultures for my planet. But I had to┬ádraw a map to see how the planet’s set up. I’m not an artist by any means so this proved challenging. However I did end up sketching a rough outline of the continents and some of the geological features of the main continent on notebook paper. One continent looks eerily like the Arabian peninsula although I really wasn’t planning it to look that way–it just happened. Then I have some islands that are supposed to be similar to England, with some having the ragged coastline of the Scandinavian countries.

┬áMaybe I’ll go out and buy some graphing paper and attempt to make the countries a little more…realistic looking, rather than blobs on paper. But for now it works.

If you’ve ever come up with a different world, have you ever drawn maps for it or do you just view it in your brain?

BTW, I finally decided on a title. Ready….

Beyond the Dark Divide.

That may change eventually too, but I’m more satisfied with it than I was with any of the other ones I came up with.

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