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28 Random Things

I’ve seen this meme all over and I’m finally doing it. A fellow writer friend and blogger Lynda had it on her site and said that those commenting on her entry had to do it 😛 I won’t make the same request, but feel free to take this little meme over on your blog.

28 Random Facts

1. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating stories or wasn’t writing.
2. One of my great-grandmothers gave birth to quadruplets–the first recorded set in Cleveland, Ohio.
3. I have a passion for history and one of my dreams was to become an archeologist.
4. I absolutely HATE driving 😛
5. I grew up Catholic and still attend the Catholic church when I visit my family.
6. I don’t drink coffee or pop but live off of water and juice.
7. I am currently addicted to Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii.
8. My parents met and married in Anchorage, Alaska.
9. I want to travel the world and see places like Japan, the U.K., New Zealand, Australia…and the rest of the U.S. beyond Houston.
10. I hate cooking, but love to bake brownies, cookies and cake–all the stuff that’s bad for you 😛
11. Give me a good anime series any day. There are some really good ones out there, despite what people think.
12. My cat and dog have unique names: our cat is Sata (short for “Serial ATA”, a computer term I still don’t understand…leave it to Phil…lol) and Tato–short for Potato (again. a name courtesy of my hubby–he named him after a dog in an anime)
13. I love to dip my french fries in a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty.
14. Still working on my novel, which has changed names yet again 😛
15. My favorite candy bar is 3 Musketeers–and they are AWESOME chilled in the fridge after 20 minutes.
16. The address of my childhood home was 666 #7.
17. I am deathly afraid of water over my waist. I can’t swim, nor do I want to learn.
18. For a few short months in college, I actually attempted to play World of Warcraft. Then it got too complicated 😛
19. I unfortunately have a weakness for the reality show “America’s Next Top Model.” Yes it’s shallow at times, but it’s interesting to see how much work is put into the photography and modeling.
20. I am a Gilmore Girls addict.
21. I have only been on a plane twice–to and from North carolina when on my honeymoon.
22. The first time I’ve been to Florida was last summer.
23. I am taking violin lessons, though I’m still very much a beginner.
24. Another “addiction”–going to Sephora and roaming the aisles looking at all the moderately expensive makeup.
25. I am a movie junkie, at least when it comes to romantic and romantic comedies
(yes I’m very much a “chick flick” kind of girl)
26. Even though I love to read, I’ve discovered I’ve become quite picky and often won’t finish a book.
27. Almost every night before bed, I have a bowl of cereal.
28. I often talk to myself when I’m alone 😛

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