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Trailer Awesomeness

I am seriously thrilled beyond words for this:

November can’t come soon enough!

Movie Trailers

Because I can think of nothing else to post about today, here are some movies I’m looking forward to seeing.

This one I think I first heard about from Victoria Dixon or Jeannie Lin (I’m sorry I can’t remember exactly who!)  It intrigues me simply because it’s historical and it’s set in China. And the effects look amazing. Granted, it may take me a little while to figure out who is who in the film because Chinese names always throw me for a loop initially, but I’m willing to spend the $9 to go see this. Plus it’s one I actually got Phil to say he’d consider watching with me–yay!

This next one will have to be one I go to on my own, or try and find someone who likes historical romance:

I can seriously watch this trailer all day.

And finally, because Tim Burton movies are trippy and often amazing, I’m looking forward to this one coming out in March:

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