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It’s Becoming a Movie!!

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, one of my favorite books EVER (and one of the choices in my 200th post giveaway) is going to be made into a movie!! Ziyi Zhang (known for her role as Sayuri/Chiyo in Memoirs of a Geisha) will be playing Lily, the main character.

I’m thinking about this and remembering the footbinding scenes in the novel. I’m wondering how graphic it will be in the movie. I know when I read it, it was cringe worthy and  it made me queasy–I’m sure it’s going to be quite painful to watch.

Anyway it probably won’t come out until late 2010 or sometime in 2011…but still, it’s going to be a movie! *Does happy dance* I’ll be keeping an eye out for the trailer in the coming months.

It may not be as excellent as the book, but I’m still going to be seeing this movie opening night–whenever that is–guaranteed 🙂

I feel sick…

Seriously. And I feel as if my conscience has been seared.

What brings this about? Well, Phil and I went to go see the movie Watchmen for his birthday.

We ended up leaving during the movie, and leaving much later than we should have.

Not only was it unnecessarily graphic, but it was pornographic. Way too many detailed scenes of that and it made me feel dirty, disgusted and violated. Seriously, those scenes had NOTHING to do with the plot progression of the movie. Honestly what have we come to that nudity and the act of sex is permissible to be shown on theater screens nationwide? What have we come to that it’s something everyone is craving to see?

The movie is supposed to show the depravity of human nature. Well, it did that. Too well; too much. I have seriously NEVER felt as morally corrupt as I do now. God, forgive me for staying as long as I did…

Oh and not to mention this man two seats over from me literally busted out into hysterical laughter during the gruesome scenes of people being maimed and tortured. I think that is what disturbed me the most…

Anyway, that’s how this movie made me feel. And I’m betting I won’t be sleeping easily tonight.

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