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Ten Years Ago…

One of the “trending topics” over at Twitter is what or where you were at ten years ago. It’s amazing to see that many of the tweets are from people who said they were only toddlers or in kindergarten then…makes me feel old 😛 Of course I’m not anywhere near such at 25…

Anyway, it got me to thinking–where were some of you ten years ago? I was a freshman in high school; I’d just turned 15 the month prior and my family and I were still settling in our new house. Oh, and I also remember that on New Years’ Eve before the turn of the big Y2K I was sick with a head cold. And I had a bit of a fever too. My dad was on call, since he had to be sure none of the emergency radio systems went down with whatever Y2K bug that we were all scared of then, and it was just my mom, younger sister, and I at home watching Times Square in between our movie marathon.

 I also remember thinking “this is how I’m going to remember the millenium change for the rest of my life.” Wouldn’t you know it, ten years later and I was nearly sick AGAIN on New Years Eve–although this year I thankfully managed to recover before it. 🙂

Where were you ten years ago?

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m sure this is one of millions of blog posts about New Year Resolutions, but it is the time for it.

Anyway, most of my resolutions have to do with my book–the most important being that the book is done in its entirety–meaning edited and researched as well as I am able. I hope by this time next year it will be.

Other resolutions not necessarily writing related:

  • Work on not procrastinating as much. Also in this same category, not let the lazy slob within me take over.
  • Become a better housekeeper. 😛 Currently, I’m really lacking in this area. Along the same lines, strive to actually cook meals that aren’t all processed or from a box. This will be extremely difficult as I loathe cooking, but in the long run will be better for me and my husband.
  • Try to participate in a few Weekly Writing Challenges for FaithWriters. I used to do this a lot during college–even got one published in their quarterly anthology–but haven’t participated in one since before I was married…back in August of 2007.
  • Perhaps find another job…
  • Become a better violin player
  • Start learning a bit of Japanese
  • Try to finish reading more books instead of stopping halfway…(mainly due to the fact I’m a really picky reader and it takes a lot for me to actually finish a book these days….sad really 😦 )

That’s all I can think of.  It’s a massive list and if I even accomplish one or two of the goals, I’ll be insanely thrilled. But it’s good to have things to aim to achieve.

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