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I’ve recently been delving into the backstories of some of my secondary characters for Beyond the Dark Divide. I’m finding out that it’s helping me develop the plot to my novel as all these stories interconnect to influence the novel events.

I’ve written summary backstories before for other novels and they’ve helped as well. But this time I think I may try and write a little bit of a narrative for some of them. I don’t want it to take away from my actual novel, but at the same time, who knows what I may find? There may be good short story potential in some of them. If not, well at least it’s helping me develop my world, right?

Have you written backstories for your secondary characters? If so, has it helped you discover something about your work-in-progress?

Novel Plotting & Lack of Focus

I am hoping to spend some time this weekend writing a loose chapter summary for Lady of the Snow.

I say “loose” because when I actually do start writing, I generally veer off from said guideline in some way. But it helps me organize my thoughts and see where I’m trying to go. I can see plot holes better this way too.

I wish I could be the “just jump in and write” type but I find that I encounter more walls that way and it becomes a rambling mess. Well, most of my first drafts are a rambling mess anyway, but it becomes less so if I attempt to draw up a story map of sorts.

On another note, I just realized that I’m supposed to submit something from my other novel for critique by Thursday. Actually it was supposed to be this past Thursday (ha!) 😛 I’m wondering if I should tell the group that I need time to re-focus on other things (namely the new project) because my heart just isn’t in the other one at this point. I feel like I wouldn’t be gaining as much from the critique. I still want to be part of the sessions but we’re supposed to be actively posting to be part of the group. So…I don’t know, something I’m going to have to think about this weekend.

Maybe as I’m working on this new book I can submit chapters. I don’t know…I really don’t want to leave the group; our numbers are already dwindling as it is and I’ve gained friends there too.

Sigh. I wish I could just focus on something. I bet this is one reason why many writers never do get published–lack of focus!

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