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Another Day in the Writing Realm

I managed to hit a little over 1K today. I finished the last chapter I was on for critique; now I just need to do a very, very rough edit on it before I submit it for critique.

It needs a lot of help 😛 I fear even a rough edit won’t do much of anything.

I have a difficult time writing the chapters with the antagonist POV. Mainly because this man is fairly twisted and sadistic. He’s the kind who gets a certain kind of high watching other people in pain. It’s hard for me to get into a mindset like that because it’s so disgusting to me. But, in order for this guy to not seem like a cardboard bad guy, I need to have my mind venture there, as much as it’s not that fun.

I do have a chapter or two where I am going to show a more human side to him. For example, much of this aggression stems from a neglected childhood where he was an orphan and had to do practically anything to stay alive. Also, much of the motivation behind him finding my MC and in effect torturing others has to do with his deep desire to belong (one of the main themes of the book). He’s trying to prove himself to his “boss”, the formidable leader of a terrorist organization. He’s never belonged anywhere and that’s where he’s found his niche, so to speak, so he’s willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

I haven’t done any chapters that show that side yet, but they’re coming (actually one will probably be in the earlier chapters, one that I’ll  have to go back and write–much of the first ten chapters is being changed around and rewritten extensively).

Anyway, next few chapters I’m back with writing my MC again. Thankfully. 🙂 And then I still have to figure out how I want this book to end: whether or not I need to keep one POV for the sake of the last few chapters (otherwise it’s going to be very dull) and where I may need to re-add or rewrite other chapters with that characters’ POV.

Ah, the life of a writer! 😛

So Far, So Good

I’ve got close to 700 words written for today, so I definitely hit my daily goal of 500 words (hoping to up that to 1000 at some point, but baby steps are needed in the beginning :P). Even though this part technically isn’t continuing on, it is a new chapter that comes earlier in the book (and the one that’s next for critique). I may end up writing a little more today. I’m hoping to get some done before I have to take my dog to his training class tonight 😛

I think I would’ve had well over 1K today if it was a chapter that wasn’t up for critique yet. I’ve been overanalyzing the scene too much.  Oh well; it’s going to need a lot of work (like every chapter of mine does) but at least it’ll be done and posted. And, since this is looking like it will be a relatively short chapter (probably only around 1500-2000 words), I won’t have to agonize during the session since it will be critiqued rather quickly.

That’s all for today; just wanted to update on the progression like I promised I would.

Anyone else do so much needed writing today?

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