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Q&A Time

I cannot think of anything very interesting to post, so I’m doing what many bloggers do and opening this up to question and answer time 🙂

Feel free to ask anything (as long as it’s not extremely personal). I will post the answers later this week. Assuming, of course, I get any questions 😛

Answer Time! Part I

Here’s my first vlog for the Q & A. It’s only part one, like I said in an earlier post from today, because it was like over 8 minutes before. 😛 I’m actually thinking it may have been better if I broke it up into three parts, around 2 minutes each. Oh well.

Anyway, I apologize ahead for the poor quality; my webcam and video capture rate isn’t the greatest, so the lip synching is off in a lot of spots.

I also say “um” about a hundred times. And I realize I mispronounced vlog 😛 Don’t ask me where my brain was.

Without further ado, the vlog:

I look like a goofball in this video still, but it was the best of the three…the other two I looked either dead or ticked off. 😛

Answers are coming!

So I jumped on the vlog wagon and made one. It ended up being way too long for just one post (close to 8 minutes). Here I thought it would be short but apparently I’m quite a talker :P.

I spent close to three hours editing the thing last night too because of my perfectionist nature. I promise I’ll post the first half after I get home from work. The second half still needs edited and I’ll post it Friday.

Q&A Time!

Not sure how this will work, since I’ve never done it before, but I’m going to follow what many of my fellow writers are doing and have a question and answer time 🙂

So, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, go ahead and put them in the comments, no matter how off the wall they are (as long as they aren’t too gross or personal of course 🙂 ) . And if I get enough of them…I’ll actually do my first vlog 😛 So ask away!

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