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Library Changes…

A bit of a rant here. I just found out my local library eliminated their online interlibrary loan service–which is how I got about 75% of my research books for my novel.

All of this is obviously due to budget shortfalls, but it still stinks. I have to go the traditional route now, which is a bit of a process as I have to go to the library and pay .50 to initiate it. But I suppose it’s better than nothing…although I’ve been spoiled by the previous system.

I wish I could just buy these books instead of renewing them five times, taking them back to the library, then re-checking them out again. However, I cannot afford to get most of them for my own library; I’ve wanted to, but because many of them are out of print and limited availability, they often go for a ridiculous sum of money–like a couple hundred dollars–and no research book  is worth that.

However, I have found out that the county over still has their free interlibrary loan service–for the time being–and since I live close to the county line anyway, I guess I’ll be frequenting that library more often–even though it’s a little out of the way. Better than nothing, I suppose. And I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m sure many other writers have a harder time getting research materials too, depending on where they live. I guess I’m a bit spoiled 😛

Still…it figures this has to happen just when I’m about to get into the massive researching phase of my writing process too. 😛

This and That

I don’t really have much to write about…just a bunch of random stuff 🙂

On the writing front,  I’ve been doing a bit more research. Yesterday I got caught up in researching the former foreign district of Tokyo, Tsukiji. It’s now a world renown fish market 😛 Still, I was able to find a few old pictures of the area, including a picture of a Western looking hotel called the Seiyoken. And then I thought that might be a possible place of employment (at least in the first chapter) for Naomi (in the restaurant part). It’s not certain but a possibility.

It’s entirely too easy for me to get caught up in the research aspect. I should be focusing on editing (or more like completely rewriting) my next chapter for critique and more importantly, finishing the first draft.

Can we say procrastination? 😛

I keep looking for a weekend, or at least a Saturday, to spend doing one of those all afternoon writing sessions. Too bad every Saturday from now until who knows when is busy.

For example, this Saturday, some former co-worker from hubby’s job at college is coming to stay with us along with his wife. He has some sort of sports clinic he’s going to for the entire weekend, while his wife stays with us. I have no clue who she is, yet I’m trying my best to think of ways to entertain her this weekend. Shopping comes to mind but I can’t do that more than three or four hours at a time.  It will probably end up being an great weekend but I can’t help but worry a little (it’s an unfortunate part of my nature).

The following weekend I think is free (at least right now!) but the one after that (April 11th), I have a wedding to go to. A wedding that hubby and I just were informed about on Sunday. Oh and hubby is a groomsmen in it. Can we say short notice? 😛

The sad part: I don’t even know the bride’s name. Not even the slightest clue what she looks like.

Needless to say,I’m  really not looking forward to going to a wedding where I will be sitting by myself at a table of strangers at the reception. 😛 Oh well; I’ll grin and bear it 🙂

Anyway, no more ranting from me.

I am looking forward to dinner tonight. Hubby and I are going out to dinner with one of his co-workers and his wife. We’re going to Bob Evans, at least right now that’s the plan. I’m looking forward to their Wildfire Chicken salad 🙂 It’s actually not all that spicy. I’ve actually had a huge craving for it lately so I’m glad we get to go.

I can almost taste the wildfire chicken now…

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