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Short Story Markets

So, I’ve been trying to work at writing a few short stories lately, just to help exercise those writing muscles. But I wanted to look up places where I could actually submit these stories, and I’ve found a few promising ones.

Most are fantasy/sci-fi related, but I’ve just started looking. Here are some of the few promising ones:–I heard of this one from one of my crit group friends, who had submitted something to them. It’s for speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, alternate history and anything that you think can fall into this). They accept up to 12k and will go over, but prefer that amount or slightly less. If accepted, they pay $.25 per word for the first 5K. They’re wait time though is 6-8 months and they do NOT want simultaneous submissions. So you’ll have to part with your short story baby and wait until you hear back from them 🙂 Considering you can make $2000 for a 10K word story if accepted, I can wait.

Glimmer Train–This is a rather well known literary magazine. They pay pretty well too but they have monthly themes you have to follow. For example, this month is “Family Matters” or Standard.  If you submit in the Standard category, there is no reading/submission fee but the amount they pay you is much less. Also, this is a literary magazine so you have to craft a “literary fiction” piece. I know I’d like to try my hand at this at some point.

Solander–This is the official magazine of the Historical Novel Society, so you know I had to post this 🙂 They pay $150 for accepted stories with a max of 5000 words. History has to play a major role in the story too and only two stories per year are published. Still, it’s something I’d like to try for since I’m such a history nut 😛

These are just a few I’ve found–I’m planning on buying the Writer’s Market for 2011 to look up more. Are there any good short story markets, magazines or contests you’d like to suggest?

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