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The End…?

So, I’m getting closer and closer to the end of my novel, yet I’m encountering a bit of writer’s block on how to end it. I am finding flaws in every possibility (too cliched and too unrealistic mainly). I know I should just let it simmer, but really, that’s all I’ve done for the past year 😛

Basically, it’s this–I’m trying to figure out how my MC is rescued/discovered (she’s been kidnapped by enemies of her father’s). And I’m at a complete loss.

I thought that maybe somehow someone from the house she’s staying at got the word out, but then the house would be monitored and guarded too well for that to happen. That is also a bit on the cliched side too.

Argh. My brain hurts thinking about it.

It’s so frustrating. I hate not knowing and not being able to figure it out! I know it will come to me at some point but it’s hard waiting and trying to find it.

As a writer, what do you do in situations like this? How do you calm yourself down and wait for that elusive Muse to enlighten you?

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