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If I Wasn’t Geeky Enough Already…

I’m joining a Dungeons and Dragons game 😛

Hubby and a friend of ours have been trying to get me to join. I’ve been to a few sessions when hubby played and I was just there to hang out. It was fun following the storyline. Tonight they start a new chapter and my character will be introduced.

I spent the last day or two coming up with my character’s name and personality. It was very similar to coming up with characters for a book!  Perhaps that’s why D & D appeals to me; it is very similar to writing (only I’m not the one “writing” the story or the world that it takes place in, only developing the character).

My character is a half-elf (chosen because I’m loosely basing her off of a character from my one WiP) with a bit of a temper. Well, at least that’s what I have–it may change. No clue what she’s going to be, as I really have no idea about the classes. Hubby has said I should be a bard or a healer of some sort. I’ll figure the rest out tonight.

Her name took me forever to figure out. Since she’s part elf, I decided to give her an Elvish name. Yeah, good luck trying to find one that is even remotely easy to pronounce 😛 But I came up with Ellethwen as her first name (hubby says he’s gonna call her “Lethy”, lol).  I still haven’t really decided on a last name for her (some choices are Autumnfire, Amarathar, Eveningfall and Lightshiver) but I figure I can get the D & D veterans to help me tonight.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I go to my sis-in-law’s beauty institute to have her dye my hair. I’m going brunette 🙂 I’ve got one of those hair colors that is naturally somewhere between blonde and brown, often called dirty blonde or dishwater blonde (which both sound disgusting to me ). I’ll at least be brunette for a few weeks  before the stuff fades away.

Oh and I  believe hubby and I will go out to eat sometime in celebration of our two year anniversary, which is on the 13th. Not sure where though.

What are everyone else’s plans for the weekend?

Busy Weekend

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. It was busy but good; I love three day weekends.

Saturday we went to the Fair at New Boston (I’ll post a few pictures later). There wasn’t a cloud in the sky that day…and I forgot sunscreen. I got a little bit of sun on my face–the place on me that burns the quickest–and a little tanned on my shoulders. Meh. I would rather be pale and not risk my chances of getting skin cancer and aging prematurely than be tan 🙂 Oh well–I’ll remember that sunscreen when we head to Disney World.

Anyway, there were lots of cool stands with period type clothing, toys and other trinkets. I didn’t buy anything, although I really wanted one of those colonial era caps, but they were way too much (I could probably make one for less than half of what they were charging for them). But hubby and I ended up buying some shrewsbury and ginger cakes which were AMAZING.

Sunday was rather uneventful; went to church in the morning and in the evening we went out to get hubby some new shoes for Florida. His old sneakers he’s had since before we were married (that’s nearly two years) and they’re barely held together. We were gonna take the dog to PetSmart but by the time we got there it was past closing and everything closes early on Sundays.

Labor Day was the parade, which was thankfully only a block from my house. I must say, that was the longest parade I’ve ever been to in my life–nearly TWO hours! I used to think The fourth of July parade in my childhood town was long at an hour. I enjoyed the parade though it would’ve been even better if they threw candy 😉 I guess I’m spoiled; the parades where I grew up always throw candy. At least we didn’t have to fight parade traffic–we just had to walk home 🙂

Later on, hubby and I decided to walk to the local Holiday at Home festival which was a few blocks away. That was a mistake! The place was so packed, I couldn’t even walk next to hubby because people would always walk in between us. There was no open space anywhere! But I did get some yummy peanut butter and chocolate walnut fudge so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

And that was my weekend. Now it’s a shortened work week and then one more five day work week before Disney World!

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