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Write Your Rear* Off Day

*Changed over from another term πŸ˜›

Moonrat is hosting Write Your Rear*Off Day this coming weekend. It’s an 8-hour write-a-thon on which ever weekend day you choose (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even carrying over to Monday). Each participant chooses which day is best for them and you can post a little marker on this interactive map that’s been made for this. Moonrat would also like a progress report at the end of the day, whether you spent it researching, character developing, etc., either by email or in a comment on the blog. Don’t forget to put your blog link too–Moonrat will be posting the participants on Tuesday next week.

I’m taking part because I need a kick in the rear to get me writing. I’d like to get in 3000 words that day–whether that’s for Lady of the Snow or my other WiP, The Scarlet Daughter (the one I had before LotS, whose name has recently changed for the fourth time πŸ˜› And yes, the title is a play on The Scarlet Letter). Or maybe a combination of words done on both. We’ll see.


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