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NaNoWrimo Planning

It’s almost that time of year again–no, not Christmas–but NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

I can’t believe it’s only a little more than a month away. This year is going to be different too–I’ll be a Co-ML (Multiple Liason) this year. MLs are in charge of organizing write-ins and giving overall encouragement to the writers of our particular region. I am thankful I am not the only one though and that there will be someone sharing in the ML duties (actually, he’s probably been doing the bulk of the planning anyway, so really I’m just an assistant :P)

Being an ML though means I have to come up with an idea in order to participate for NaNo. I can’t decide anymore what I want to do this year–it’s not concrete like it has been for the last three. I’m still leaning towards my one fantasy idea–based off an ancient Indian legend–but there’s LOTS of world building I have to do before then since I’m borrowing aspects of different cultures and attempting to blend them in a “new” world. Also, trying to figure out how to start the thing–I know I have over a month still but it’s difficult. Guess I’ll have to focus on it during October.

Anyway, I hope you may be able to participate this year in NaNo. It’s lots of fun; if anything, it gives you something to do and get you closer to getting a novel done (well, at least a rough first draft version). As much as I’ve tried throughout the year, I have never been able to get as much writing done in a month as I can during NaNo. Here’s hoping I can get something concrete enough by then to write!

A Bit of a Writer’s Slump

Not surprising that I’m going through yet another one of these spells of what I like to call “writer’s slump.” Not exactly like writer’s block, just the fact that the motivation is getting hard to find. Hence the name.

Perhaps it’s because the past week has been a bit on the crazy side. First, there was the sudden death of a beloved family pet.

Then came traveling a total of 6 hours to Cleveland and back to Dayton between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon (not something I complain about–it’s nice to see my family).

Of course there was the great celebrating of a first anniversary yesterday.

And I can’t forget the myriad of new and often confusing responsibilities I’ve been given at work.

I must admit through all of this, the creative juices have stagnated 😛

It’s hard to keep it flowing when I’m just so busy all the time! I know–it’s not a valid excuse. A true writer would keep going regardless. Perhaps I’m not a true writer in that sense. I find it very hard to keep writing when so much is going on…I try but often with less than stellar results.

Still, what’s the use of complaining about it? It really gets me no where 😛 I just need to try harder.

I need to make every month like NaNo…it’s just hard for me to get into that mindset.

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