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Two Novels at Once

For the longest time, I only worked on my historical novel, Promise of the Plum Blossom*.  For at least two years I’ve focused solely on writing and researching that novel.

And suddenly, this new story, Lady of the Snow* , just popped up.

The last week or two I’ve solely focused on the latter, neglecting my first one. It’s times like this where I know I have what I call “Writer’s Attention Deficit Disorder,” meaning I’ve lost focus on the book I should be trying to finish.  I should be aiming to finish Promise and I do wonder if this is another subconscious way of procrastinating yet again on that one.

But then I think this Writer’s ADD is something that I shouldn’t be fighting. I mean, if the ideas and inspiration are coming for Lady of the Snow, I should focus on that now. Right? Otherwise what fragments of ideas may be lost.

 I  think I should embrace this new idea for a little while as I rejuvenate the desire for Promise again. It’ll always be there to work on when I feel the creative juices flowing slower with this new one. And vice versa.

Perhaps this two novels at once is better than I originally thought 🙂

Do you work on more than one project or novel at a time?

*Working titles only; will most likely change.

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