My journey through the world of writing and everything that lies in between…

Current Projects

WiP Novels:

Before the Dawn (fantasy/romance)–A story inspired by the Indian legend of Princess Usha and Aniruddha

The Scarlet Daughter (Historical fiction)–The one I’ve been working on for seven years, set in 1890s Japan.

Various project ideas:

Many short story ideas, ranging from haunted bogs to the legendary Yuki-onna of Japan, and others…

A few other novel ideas, mostly historical, taking place throughout different time periods (American Revolution, 1st Century A.D. Roman Empire, Victorian era, and about a dozen more).




Comments on: "Current Projects" (6)

  1. I should do this. I keep putting off working on my new and genius idea. Well, I don’t know how genius it is, but I like it, and I think that’s what’s important.

  2. I like this. I’m always pushing my deadlines back, but yours seems to be more concrete and realistic.

  3. Yes, I should do this too! Great idea.

  4. Great goals, Dara, and already you’re meeting them. You rock.

    You’ve inspired me. I’ve got to get my own goals down on paper. 🙂

  5. Hi Dara,

    Sorry to barge onto your comment area like this, but I came across your name while scouting blogs and your novels sound fascinating.

    I’m an aquiring agent with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and, if you’re not already represented, I would love to see a sample of your work. Feel free to check out our website for more information, and please do be in touch!

    Natalie Fischer

  6. Aah, this does my heart good!! I’ve spent several years working on a historical novel in the same vein as yours–set in Japan, 1860s, deities and demons, love and marriage… Mine is about the female incarnation of Inari, goddess of the forge.

    I would love to read any drafts you have available. And thanks so much for posting links to such great resources! 🙂

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