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Theme Songs for My Novel

A couple posts ago, I mentioned how there were certain songs and soundtracks I liked to listen to when working on Chrysanthemum Promise. And then I finally noticed I could actually post music on here πŸ˜›

Anyway, here’s what I consider the “theme” for my novel. Sort of. It’s called Nara by E.S. Posthumus. I can picture it all in my head like a preview for an upcoming movie. (Perhaps because it’s been used in movie previews…)

It’s YouTube videos with the songs; I couldn’t link to the actual songs anywhere.

The other theme song would be “Rebirthing” by Skillet–for me, all the characters (not counting the antagonist) are looking for some sort of a new life and this song captures that feeling.

Perhaps when I can actually find just the song files, I’ll load the rest of the “soundtrack” πŸ˜›

Comments on: "Theme Songs for My Novel" (2)

  1. Courtney Vail said:

    Great songs. I love Rebirthing. I first heard it on Steve Baldwin’s profile on Myspace. Very cool. My Christian rock station doesn’t play much Skillet, but I love their sound. I found songs too for my books, that I hope I can get license agreements to use them in my book trailers, which I created with Movie Maker. I’m not sure how much the royalties would cost, but if it’s around the same as what I’d pay for a visual art designer, I’ll choose the music instead. My trailers are more like music videos, but most authors don’t use that format, they do the little teaser bites, so I’m hoping to create trailers that are sort of similar for each work, that way I can create a signature. So if someone sees a trailer and is familiar with my style, they’ll automatically know it’s mine.

  2. I had never thought of a theme song for a book. What a great idea!

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